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Carrie D Kendrick Middle School (0.1 miles)

Briargate (0.3 miles)

Callaway Elementary School (0.4 miles)

Sussex Manor (0.4 miles)

Quail Valley (0.5 miles)

Chase Woods (0.6 miles)

Max Place Shopping Center (0.8 miles)

E J Swint Elementary School (0.8 miles)

Taylor Crossing (0.8 miles)

Spring Valley (0.9 miles)

Timberland Heights (0.9 miles)

Lake Joy West Dam (1.1 miles)

Dartmouth Estates (1.1 miles)

Mockingbird Hill (1.2 miles)

Stanebrook is a populated place in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Jonesboro Medical Center is the nearest hospital, 1.7 miles from Stanebrook. Nearby buildings: Clayton County Central Services Complex, Clayton County Animal Shelter, Riverdale Department of Public Safety, Riverdale City Hall, and Riverdale Public Works. Located not far from Briargate (0.3 miles), Chase Woods (0.6 miles), Quail Valley (0.5 miles), Sussex Manor (0.4 miles), and Taylor Crossing (0.8 miles). Jims Private Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 14.7 miles away from Stanebrook. Tara Stadium is 2.0 miles from Stanebrook. Carrie D Kendrick Middle School, Callaway Elementary School, E J Swint Elementary School, Riverdale High School, and Sequoyah Middle School are the schools closest.

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