Places near Pilgrim Congregational Church

Nearby Places
Saint Marks Episcopal Church (0.1 miles)

Fay School (0.1 miles)

Saint Marks School (0.2 miles)

Southborough School (0.4 miles)

Woodward School (0.4 miles)

Southborough (0.4 miles)

Town of Southborough (0.4 miles)

Saint Anne Church (0.6 miles)

Clear Hill (0.7 miles)

P Brent Trottier School (0.7 miles)

Wolfpen Hill (0.9 miles)

Margaret A Neary School (0.9 miles)

Mount Vickery (1.2 miles)

McMunns Point (1.2 miles)

Pilgrim Congregational Church is a church in the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Fay School, Saint Marks School, Southborough School, Woodward School, and P Brent Trottier School are the schools closest. Sudbury Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 6.1 miles away from Pilgrim Congregational Church. Alumni Stadium is about 18.7 miles from Pilgrim Congregational Church. Not far from Marlborough City Hall, Temple Building, Navin Park, Wayside Inn, and Framingham Town Hall. Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Cordaville (2.6 miles), Fayville (1.6 miles), Marlborough Junction (1.8 miles), Southborough (0.4 miles), and Southville (2.8 miles). Marlborough Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 3.6 miles from Pilgrim Congregational Church.

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