Hotels Near Parks in Boston Metropolitan Area

Ackerson Playground
Acton Arboretum
Acton Centre Historic District
Ada Govan Bird Sanctuary
Adams Playground
Admiral Morison Statue
Albert Norris Conservation Area
Alden Play Area
Allen Street Historic District
Allison Park
Almont Playground
Alsen Playground
Alumni Field
Alumni Fields
American Legion Field
Ames Nowell State Park
Ames Nowell State Park
Amory Playground
Amory Woods
Anna Murphy Playground
Anna Parker Playground
Anne Hutchinson Statue
Anniversary Park East
Anthony Costa Playground
Arlington center Historic District
Arlington Heights Playground
Armory Playground
Arnold Arboretum
Arsenal Square
Ashland State Park
Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge
Auburndale Park
Auburndale Playground
Audubon Bird Sanctuary
Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary
B W Palmer State Park
Babe Ruth Playground
Bailey Park
Baker Meadow Reservation
Baker Playground
Balch Playground
Ball Park
Ball Square
Barry Park
Baskin Playground
Bates Park
Battery March Park
Baxter Street Historic District
Bay State Raceway
Baylston Playground
Beaconsfield Terraces Historic District
Beals Park
Beaver Brook Reservation
Beaver II - Boston Tea Party Ship
Bedford Center Historic District
Belcher Park
Bell Rock Park
Bellevue Hill Park
Bellingham Square Historic District
Bemis Playground
Benevento Memorial Field
Benjamin Franklin Birthplace Site
Benjamin Franklin Statue
Berry Acres Conservation Area
Bertram Field
Bessie Baker Park
Beverly Center Business District
Bickley Playground
Billerica Mills Historic District
Billerica Town Common Historic District
Blackburn Memorial Park
Blackstone Memorial Tablet
Blackstone Square
Boarding House Park
Borderland State Park
Boston African American National Historic Site
Boston and Lowell Railroad Memorial
Boston City Hall Plaza
Boston Common
Boston Garden
Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area
Boston Post Road Historic District
Bowditch Field
Bowman Park
Boxford Wildlife Sanctuary
Boxwood Wildlife Sanctuary
Boy Scout Reservation
Braddock Park
Bradford Drake Playground
Bradford Hawes Park
Brae-Burn Historic District
Brattle Square
Breakheart Reservation
Brewer Fountain
Briggs Field
Broadmoore Audubon Reservation
Brook Street Playground
Brookline Avenue Playground
Brookline Town Green Historic District
Brookline Village Commercial District
Bunker Hill Monument
Burbank Circle Playground
Burke Playground
Burlington Town Common
Burns Playground
Butterworth Park
Byrne Playground
Cabot Park
Callanan Playground
Cambridge Common
Camp Heritage
Camp Kiwanee
Camp Oak
Camp Ousamequin
Camp Wampatuck
Camp Wing
Captain Solomon Jacobs Park
Carlisle State Forest
Carmen Park
Carrigan Park
Cass Park
Cat Rock Park
Cato Hill Historic District
Central Gloucester Historic District
Central Hill Playground
Central Square
Central Square
Central Square Historic District
Central Square Historic District
Chandler-Hovey Park
Charles Park
Charles River Reservation
Charles River Square
Charlesbank Park
Charlesbank Playground
Charter Street Historic District
Chelmsford Center Historic District
Chelsea Memorial Park
Chelsea Square Historic District
Chester Park
Chestnut Hill Historic District
Chestnut Street District
Childrens Park
Christian A Herter Park
Christopher Columbus Park
Church Green
Church-Lafayette Streets Historic District
City Hall Historic District
City Square
Claflin Field
Clapp Memorial Park
Clarendon Park
Clark Street Playground
Claxton Field
Cochituate State Park
Cold Spring Park
Cold Spring Park
Columbia Park
Columbus Memorial Park
Common District
Common Historic District
Commonwealth Avenue Historic District
Commonwealth Avenue Mall
Community Garden
Community Gardens
Community Gardens
Conant Playground
Concord Battleground
Concord Monument Square-Lexington Road Historic District
Concord Playground
Concord Square Historic District
Concord Street Park
Conway Playground
Coolidge Park
Coolidge Playground
Cooney Athletic Field
Copley Square
Corcoran Playground
Corey Hill Outlook
Costanza Park
Cottage Farm Historic District
Court Square
Creek Square
Cricket Field
Crocker Park
Crombie Street District
Cronin Playground
Crowninshield-Bentley House
Crystal Lake and Pleasant Street Historic District
Crystal Lake Park
Cummings Park
Cushing Memorial State Park
Cutler Park
Cypress Emerson Historic District
D W Field Park
D W Field Park
Dana Park
Dane Park
Danforth Square Playground
Danvers Park
Davidson Park
Davis Square
Dawes Island Park
Dean Junior College Historic District
Dean Junior College Longley Field
DeFazio Park
Dennison Playground
Derby Waterfront District
Dever Park
Devir Park
Devir Playground
Devotion Playground
Diamond Hill State Park
Dilboy Field
Dix Park
Donnelly Field
Dorchester Heights National Historic Site
Dorchester Park
Downtown Chelsea Residential Historic District
Downtown Salem District
Draper Playground
Drumlin Farm Bird Sanctuary
Duffett Tot Lot
Dugger Park
Dwight Square
Dyer Hill Playground
Eagle Square
East India Square Fountain
Eastern Canal Park
Edmands Park
Edward Everett Hale Statue
Edwards Plain-Dowses Corner Historic District
Eliot Park
Eliot Street Park
Ellis Gardens Playground
Ellis Oval
Elm Brook Conservation Area
Elm Street Playground
Emerson Garden
Endean Playground
Essex Institute Historic District
Essex Street Mall
Ether Monument
Eustis Playground
Everett Avenue-Sheffield Road Historic District
F L Olmsted National Historic Site
Fairbanks Road Playground
Farlow and Kendrick Parks Historic District
Farlow Hill Historic District
Farlow Park
Farrington Memorial
Fat Park
Faxon Park
Federal Street District
Fellsmere Park
Femino Park
Firth-Glengarry Historic District
Fish Flake Hill Historic District
Fisher Hill Historic District
Fishermens Monument
Flaggy Meadows Playground
Flax Pond Playground
Fogg Park
Forest Park
Forest River Park
Forestdale Park
Fort Hill Park
Fort Meadow Playground
Fort Washington Park
Foss Park
Fountain Park
Framingham Centre Common Historic District
Francis William Park
Frank G Feeley Park
Franklin Field
Franklin Park
Franklin Park Zoo
Franklin Square
Frazier Field
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site
Fredericks Park
Freedom Park
Freeman Square
Frenchs Commons
Fulmore Park
Gaffield Park
Gage Park
Gagnon Park
Gallagher Park
Gallows Hill Park
Gannett-Warren Pals Park
Gardner Field
Garfield Park
Garfield Street Play Area
Garvey Playground
Gatchell Green
GEAA Field
George G Snow Park
George Washington Statue
Gerry Playground
Gibson Playground
Gilbert Walker Playground
Gillis Field
Glacken Field
Glen Street Playground
Glendale Park
Gloucester Fisherman Statue
Gore Park
Goward Field
Gowdy Playground
Grant Park
Grassy Pond Conservation Area
Gray Cliff Historic District
Great Hill Park
Great Hill Recreation Area
Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Green Hill Historic District
Griggs Park
Grove and Justin Street Play Area
Grove Street Playground
Hamilton Historic District
Hammond Pond Park
Hammond Pond Park Reservation
Hancock Field
Hancock Playground
Harlow Square
Harriet Tubman Park
Harris Playground
Harry Ball Field
Harry Downes Field
Harvard Shaker Village Historic District
Harvard Square
Harvard Yard
Hastings Park
Hastings Square
Hawthorn Playground
Hawthorne Gardens
Hayden Recreation Area
Hayden Woods
Haymarket Square
Hayward Field
Herling Park
Hidden Park
Highland Park
Highland Park
Highland Playground
Hillside Avenue Historic District
Hoar Memorial Sanctuary
Hobbs Playground
Hollis Field
Hood Playground
Hopkinton State Park
House of Seven Gables Historic District
House Rock Park
How Park
Hoyt Sullivan Playground
Hummewell Estates Historic District
Hunnewell Playground
Hunting Field
Hyde Avenue Historic District
Hyde Park
Hynes Field
Independence Park
Ingleside Park
Inman Square
Innocenti Park
Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary
Irish Famine Memorial
Irving Square Historic District
Island Grove Park
Island Place Historic District
Jackson Gardens
Jackson Park
Jackson Park
Jas Edgar Playground
Jean B Waldstein Playground
Jefferson Park
John A Ahern Field
John Bridge Statue
John E Murphy Park
John F Kennedy Park
John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site
John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site
John Harvard Mall
John Harvard Statue
Jones Field
Joyce Kilmer Park
Juniper Street Playground
Katahdin Woods
Kearins Playground
Keith Memorial Field
Kelly Memorial Field
Kenmore Square
Kenrick Park
Kensington Park Historic District
Kernwood Park
Kerouac Commemorative
Kierstead Park
Kiley Playground
Kilrausch Playground
Kilsyth Terrace
Kimball Haskell Park
Kincaide Park
Kingsley Park
Kinneen Park
Kinneens Park
Kittredge Park
Knyvet Square
LaFayette Square
Lane Playground
Lanson Park
Larz Anderson Park
Lassell Neighborhood Historic District
Law School Yard
Lawton Playground
Lechmere Canal Park
Lechmere Square
Lederman Field
Legion Park
Leif Erickson Statue
Lexington Battle Green
Lexington Green
Liberty Square
Library Park
Lincoln Center Historic District
Lincoln Historic District
Lincoln Park
Linden Park
Linden Square
Linwood Park
Little Meadow Conservation Area
Livingston Street Complex
Logan Park
Long Playground
Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site
Longfellow Park
Longs Playground
Longwood Historic District
Longwood Playground
Longwood Square
Louisburg Square
Lovell Playground
Lowell Avenue Playground
Lowell Park
Lowell Park
Lowell Square
Lowell-Dracut State Forest
Lower Falls Park
Lower Union Street Historic District
Lucy Larcom Park
Lusitania Field
Lynch Park
Lynn Common
MacArthur Playground
Madison Park
Magoun Park
Make Way for Ducklings Statue
Malden Square
Malone Park
Manchester Field
Mansfield Memorial Park
Marble Hill Conservation Area
Margaret E Robinson Playground
Market Square
Marvin Field
Marvin Street Play Area
Mary Dyer Statue
Masconomo Park
Mason Square
Matignon High School Athletic Field
Mayor Danehy Park
McAleer Playground
McGrann Playground
McIntosh Corner Historic District
McKinley Square
McNally Playground
McNamee Square
McPherson Playground
MDC Park
Meadow Brook Park
Medfield Rhodendron Reservation
Medfield Rhododendron Reservation
Medford Square
Melrose Common
Melrose Town Center Historic District
Melvin Rogers Park
Memorial Field
Memorial Field
Memorial Field
Memorial Park
Memorial Park
Menotomy Rock Park
Merrimack-Middle Street Historic District
Merritt Park
Metropolitan Park
Middlesex Fells Reservation
Miller Park
Mills Field
Minnie Reid Conservation Area
Minot Park
Minute Man Monument
Misery Island Reservation
Monmouth Park
Monument Square
Monument Square
Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary
Morrison Playground
Morse Playground
Morse School Playground
Morton Road Historic District
Moulten Playground
Mount Ann Park
Mount Hood Memorial Park
Mount Vernon Street Historic District
Moxley Playground
Myles Standish State Park
Mystic River Reservation
Nagog Hill Conservation Area
Natick Center Historic District
Needham Town Hall Historic District
Nelson Playground
Neponset River Reservation
New England Holocaust Memorial
New Yard
Newell Playground
Newman Park
Newton Centre Playground
Newton Cottage Hospital Historic District
Newton Highland Historic District
Newton Highlands Playground
Newton Lower Falls Historic District
Newton Theological Institution Historic District
Newton Upper Falls Historic District
Nickerson Field
Nobility Hill Historic District
North End Historic District
North End Park
North Square
Norwell Village Area Historic District
O'Connell Park
Oakdale Park
Obear Park
Old Chestnut Hill Historic District
Old Morse Park
Old Ship Street Historic District
Old Shipbuilders Historic District
Olmstead Park
Orvis Road Historic District
Our Lady Help of Christians Historic District
Outlook Park
P Collins Statue
Paint Mine Area
Palmacci Playground
Palmer Playground
Paragon Park
Park Square
Parkman Bandstand
Parsons Field
Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh
Patton Park
Paul Revere Mall
Paul Revere Park
Paul Revere Park
Peace Garden
Pemberton Square
Penham Park
Pequossette Playground
Perry Pond
Peter's Park
Peters Park
Peterson Park
Phillips Square
Pierce Farm Historic District
Pierce Park
Pierce Playground
Pill Hill Historic District
Pine Banks Park
Pine Ridge Road-Plainfield Street Historic District
Pingree Park
Playstead Park
Pleasant Park
Pleasant Street Historic District
Polonia Playground
Poplar Street Play Area
Porter Square
Post Office Square Park
Potters Playground
Pratts Brook Conservation Area
Prospect Heights Historic District
Prospect Hill Park
Prouty Garden
Puffer Playground
Pulaski Square
Pulaski Square
Puritan Lawn Memorial Park
Putnam Street Historic District
Quigley Park
Rabbit Hil Historic District
Rachael Revere Park
Rag Rock Hill Park
Rahanis Park
Rainbow Camp
Ravenswood Park
Reardon Park
Reservoir Park
Richard Callahan State Park
Rindge Field
River Island Park
Riverdale Park
Riverside Press Park
Robert Gould Shaw and Fifty-fourth Regiment Memorial
Robert Paine Square Playground
Robert S Hoffman Park
Rocky Narrows Reservation
Rogers Park
Roosevelt Park
Rose Kennedy Rose Garden
Rotary Field
Roteh Playground
Rothlis Park
Round Park
Rounds Playground
Royal Park
Russell Field
Ryan Playground
Sac0-Lowell Shops Housing Historic District
Sacrament Field
Sacramore Playground
Saint Marks Park
Saint Moritz Park
Saint Peters Field
Salem Common
Salem Maritime National Historic Site
Salem Willows Park
Salt Marsh Conservation Area
Saltonstall Park
Sampson Park
Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site
Savin Hill Park
Scharf Playground
Schick Park
Science Park
Scollay Square
Seaside Park
Sennott Park
Sever Quadrangle
Sewall Woods Park
Shallow Playground
Sharon Historic District
Shattuck Park
Shea Field
Shea Park
Shedd Park
Sherborn Center Historic District
Sheridan Square
Shipyard Park
Simonds Park
Simpson Park Playground
Simpson Playground
Smith Court Residences
Smith Field
Social Park
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Soldiers Monument
Soldiers Monument
Soule Recreation Center and Playground
South Common Historic District
South Common Park
South Road Parkway
South Street Historic District
Southwest Corridor
Spring Hill Historic District
Springs Brook Park
Spy Pond Field
State Fort Park
Stevens Square
Stoddard Park
Stone Memorial Zoo
Stone Park
Stony Brook Reservation
Stony Brook State Reservation
Stonymeade Conservation Land
Strathmore Road Historic District
Sucker Pond Playground
Sudbury Aqueduct Linear District
Sudbury Center Historic District
Sudbury Dam Historic District
Suffolk Downs Park
Suffolk Downs Park
Sullivan Memorial Park
Summer Street Recreation Area
Sumner and Gibbs Street Historic District
Sutherland Woods
Tarticoff Park
Technology Square
The Esplanade
The Green
The Quad
Thomas Park
Thompson Square
Thompson Square Park
Thorndike Field
Tower Park
Trafton Park
Tudor Park
Tufts Park
Tufts Park
Turkey Hill Park
Turkey Hill Reservation
Turkis Playground
Tyler Park
Tyler Park Historic District
Union Park
Union Street Historic District
USS Cassin Young
USS Constitution
V F W FIeld
Valley Road Recreation Area
Veterans Field
Veterans Memorial Park
Veterans Memorial Park
Victory Park
Voke Park
Voke Park
Waitts Mount Park
Wakefield Park
Wakefield Town Forest Park
Walden Pond State Reservation
Wallace Park
Walsh Field
Waltham Common
War Memorial
Ward Park
Warren A Pierce Playground
Warren H Manning State Park
Wasgott Playground
Wash Park
Washington Monument
Washington Park
Washington Park
Washington Square Historic District
Waterfront Park
Watson Park
Wayland Center Historic District
Webb Park
Webner Park
Webster Park Historic District
Wedgemere Historic District
Well Field
Wellington Farm Historic District
West Meadow Wildlife Reservation
West Newton Hill Historic District
West Newton Playground
West Newton Village Historic District
Westford Town Common
Weston Park
Weymouth-Braintree Regional Recreation Conservation Area
Wheelwright Park
White Cedar Swamp Conservation Area
White Place Historic District
Whitney Hill Park
Whittier Playground
Wilder Play Area
Willard Common
William Ellery Channing Statue
William Garrison Memorial Statue
William K Webb Park
Wilmington Town Common
Wilson Street Playground
Winch Park Playground
Winchester Center Historic District
Windsor Road Historic District
Winter Island Maritime Park
Winthrop Square
Winthrop Square
Winthrop Square
Winthrop Square
Woburn Street Historic District
Wompatuck State Park
Woodfield Playground
World War II Memorial
Wrights Park
Yale Avenue Historic District

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