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Albemarle Road Church is a church in the Charlotte Area.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is approximately 12.2 miles away from Albemarle Road Church. Carolinas Medical Center Randolph is just 4.3 miles from Albemarle Road Church. Albemarle Road Middle School, Albemarle Road Elementary School, Idlewild Elementary School, Hickory Grove Elementary School, and Piney Grove Elementary School are the schools nearest. Nearby communities: Grove Park (2.6 miles), Hickory Grove (1.9 miles), Idlewild (1.2 miles), Marlwood Acre (1.1 miles), and Rama (2.8 miles). Not far from Albemarle Road Recreation Center, Carlton G Watkins Center, Matthews Rescue and Emergency Medical Services, Belmont Regional Center, and Charlotte CBOC. American Legion Memorial Stadium is 5.7 miles from Albemarle Road Church.

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