Hotels Near Buildings in Chicago Metro Area

Abbot Hall
Abbott Memorial Hall
Adams Hall
Addison Hall
Addison Township Office
Addison Village Hall
Addotorata Villa
Adler Planetarium
Administration Building
Advanced Critical Transport
Aero-Space Institute
Air Angels
Albert Pick Hall for International Studies
Albert Wolf House
Albertus Magnus Science Hall
Allan Miller House
Allee Laboratory
Allstate Arena
Alonzo M Fuller House
Alsip Boat Launch
Alsip Public Works Building
Alsip Village Hall
Alumni Hall
Alumni Memorial Field House
Alumni Memorial Hall
American Legion Homer Dahringer Post
Anderson Commons
Anderson Hall
Andrew Conference Center
Andrey A Potter Laboratory Building
Angel Guardian Orphanage
Annie May Swift Hall
Aragon Ballroom
Arlington Heights Village Hall
Armerding Hall
Armitage Theatre
Armour Square Park Field House
Arthur Andersen Hall
Arthur J Schmitt Academic Center
Arthur Rubloff Building
Arthur S Keating Sports Center
Asbury Plaza
Association Building
Astor Court
Astor Tower
Astronomy and Astrophysics Building
Astrophysics and Space Research Laboratory
Atrium Houses
Auditorium Building
Aurora City Hall
Austin Town Hall
Avery Coonley House
Avon Township Hall
Bankers Building
Barrington Hills Village Hall
Bartlett Village Hall
Baskin Building
Batavia City Hall
Bauer Building
Beecher Community Building
Beecher Hall
Belfield Hall
Belvidere Recreation Center
Benchmark Retirement Center
Benilde Hall
Benjamin Marshall House
Bensenville Village Hall
Benton House
Berger Park South Mansion
Bernard Weinger Jewish Community Center
Berwyn City Hall
Bethany Children's Home
Bethlehem Center
Beverly Art Center
Billi Salon
Biological Sciences Learning Center
Birck Hall of Science
Bishop Brent Episcopal Center
Blackhawk Medical Transport
Blackstone Hall
Blackstone Hall
Blackstone Theatre
Blaine Hall
Blanchard Hall
Blatchford Building
Blomquist Memorial Recreation Center
Bloomingdale Village Hall
Bohemian Home for the Aged
Bolten Hall
Borg-Warner Building
Boulevard Towers North
Boulevard Towers South
Bowen Block
Breckinridge House
Breyer Laboratory
Bridgeport Community Center
Bridgeview Village Hall
Brilli Salon
Britannical Center
Broadview Hall
Broadview Village Hall
Brock and Rankin Building
Brohm Hall
Brookfield Village Hall
Brooks Building
Brown House
Brundage Building
Brunswick Building
Buckingham Plaza
Buffalo Grove Village Hall
Builders Building
Burbank City Hall
Burgh Hall
Burlington Building
Burlington Building
Burnham Plaza
Burton Estate Building
Burton-Judson Courts
Byrne Hall
C A Spry House
C H Canby House
C H Lawshe Hall
C M Ludington House
Cadillac Building
Calumet City City Hall
Calumet Park Village Hall
Calumet Township Emergency Medical Services
Calvert House
Campbell Friendship House Community Center
Campion Hall
Canal Center
Canterbury Place Retirement Home
Carl Sandburg House
Carl Street Studios
Carlson Cottage
Carman Hall
Carnegie Hall
Carol Stream Village Hall
Carpenter Memorial Hall
Carpentersville Village Police
Carson Pirie Scott Buildings
Carter House
Cary Village Hall
Cathedral Shelter of Chicago Higgins House
Catholic Theological Union
Cenacle Retreat House
Cenacle Retreat House
Cenacle Retreat House
Centennial Hall
Central Market Furniture Building
Cermak Health Services of Cook County
Chamberlain Hall
Champlain Building
Channahon Village Hall
Chapin and Gore Building
Charles A Goodyear House
Charles Bonner House
Charles H Botsford House
Charles H Starkweather House
Chateau VI
Chemical Plaza
Chicago Arms
Chicago Athletic Association Building
Chicago Bicycle Club
Chicago Board of Options Exchange
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Circle Center
Chicago City Hall
Chicago City Parks Maintenance Building
Chicago City School Addition
Chicago Club
Chicago Daily Defender Building
Chicago Heights Village Hall
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chicago Norske Club
Chicago Northwestern Terminal
Chicago Place
Chicago Ridge Village Hall
Chicago State University-Presidents House
Chicago Theater
Chicago Theological Seminary Faculty Quadrangle
Chicago Transit Authority-Armitage Avenue Station
Chicago Transit Authority-Ashland Avenue Station
Chicago Transit Authority-Quincy Station
Chicago Transit Authority-Wilson Avenue Elevated Station
Chicago Tribune Freedom Center
Chicago Truck Company 24
Chicago-Clark Building
Chinatown City Hall
Christopher B Bouton House
Christopher Center
Chrysler Realty Building
Church Creek Retirement Center
Cicero Paramedic Services of Illinois
Cicero Townhall
City Chicago Central Office Building
City Colleges Building
City Commons
City Place
Civic Opera House
Classics Building
Cleveland - Young International Center
Cobb Gate
Cobb Hall
Cochran-Woods Art Center
Coleman House
Columbia Yacht Club
Columbus Plaza
Commons Building
Commonwealth Plaza
Community Economic Development Association
Conners Gymnasium
Continental Center
Conway Building
Cook Administration Building
Cook County Building
Cook County Circuit Courthouse
Cook County Courthouse
Cook County Courthouse
Cook County Criminal Courthouse
Coray Alumni Gymnasium
Corcoran Hall
Cornel Towers
Corrine Rose Administrative Center
Cortelyou Commons
Couch Estate Building
Country Club Hills City Hall
Countryside Village Hall
County Forest Preserve District Headquarters
Court Theatre
Courthouse Place
Covenant Club
Crawford Generating Station
Crestwood Village Hall
Crete Village Hall
Croatian Catholic Union Building
Crossroads Adult Transition Center
Crossroads International Student Center
Crown Field House
Crown Space Center
Crystal Lake City Hall
Culver Hall
Cummings Life Science Center
Cuneo Science Center
D F Bremner House
Daley Center
Dan and Ada Rice Center
David Hall
Davids Place
Davis Hall
De La Salle North Residence Hall
De La Salle South Residence Hall
Deandrils Institute
Dearborn Station
Decorative Arts Building
Deerpath Hall
Delaware Building
DePaul Center
DePaul University - Lewis Center
DePaul University - O'Malley Building
Des Plaines Village Hall
Devonshire Aquatic Center
Devonshire Cultural Center
Dinkmeyer Hall
Dirksen Federal Building
Disciples Divinity House of the University of Chicago
District Number 5 State Police Headquarters
Diversey Parkway Facilities Building
Division Street Russian and Turkish Baths
Dixmoor Village Hall
Dixon Building
Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Neighborhood Center
Dompolski Polish Home Clubhouse
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Donald Jacobs Center
Donald S Powers Computer Education Building
Donohue Annex
Donohue Building
Doral Building
Dougherty Residence Hall
Downers Grove Township Office
Downers Grove Village Hall
Drake Theatre
Drama and Rigger Shops
Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine
Dumbach Hall
Dundee Township Recreation and Fitness Center
Dunham Hall
DuPage County Courthouse
DuPage County Jail
Dwight Building
E D Kimball House
E J Edwards House
E-COM Consolidated Dispatch Center
East Chicago City Hall
East Park Towers
East Seventyfirst Street Building
Eastside Community Center
Eckhart Hall
Eckhart Hall
Edelstone Center
Edgar Johnson Goodspeed House
Edison Building
Edison Park Home
Edward C Potter House
Edward D Anderson Building
Edward H Turner House
Eifrig Hall
Elder Hall
Elgin City Hall
Elgin Medi - Transport
Elgin Medi - Transport
Elijah Muhammad House
Elisabeth Ludeman Developmental Center
Elk Grove Township Community Center
Elk Grove Township Hall
Elk Grove Village Village Hall
Elks National Memorial Building
Elliot Phelps House
Elmwood Park Village Hall
Engineering Building
Enos Barton House
Ephraim Bajar Cultural Center
Equitable Building
Erman Biology Center
Ernest J Magerstadt House
Ernest W Heath House
Esquire Theatre
Evans Hall
Evanston Art Center
Evanston City Hall
Evergreen Park Village Hall
Ezra S Brainerd House
Fairbanks Lofts
Fairfax Hall
Fairmont Community Center
Federal Center
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Fenn House
Fine Arts Building
First Care Health Services
First Response Emergency Medical Services
Fisher Building
Fisk Generating Station
Fisk Hall
Fitzpatrick Hall
Fitzpatrick House
Flossmoor Village Hall
Ford Heights Village Hall
Forest Park Village Hall
Forest Preserves of Cook County Law Enforcement Department
Forest View Village Hall
Forsyth Building
Fortnightly of Chicago
Foster Hall
Founders Hall
Fox River Valley Garden Police
Fox Valley Adult Transition Center
Francis D Nemecek Studio
Francisco Terrace
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
Frank Stone House
Franklin H Fuller House
Franklin Park Village Hall
Fred A Spurgat Building
Frederick Haskell Hall
Frick Center
Fullerton Pavilion
Fulton House
Furniture Mart
G A McElroy Administrative Center
Gage Building
Garden Visions Nursery
Garrick Garage
Gary Public Schools Memorial Auditorium
Gates-Blake Hall
Gateway Center I
Gateway Center II
Gateway Center III
Gateway Center IV
Gaylord Building
Geiseman Gymnasium
Gene Stratton Porter Hall
Genesis Convention Center
Geneva City Hall
German House
Germania Club
Gilmore's Building
Glen Ellyn Village Hall
Glen Park Community Center
Glencoe Public Safety Department
Glendale Heights Civic Center
Glessner Center
Glessner House
Goebel Hall
Goldblatt Pavilion
Goldspohn Science Hall
Goodfellow Hall
Goodman Theater
Goodspeed Hall
Gorton Community Center
Grace Place
Grafton Township Hall
Graham Foundation for the Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
Grant Place Portals
Grayslake City Hall
Grayslake Police Service
Green Hall
Greenwood Hall
Gregory Hall
Groot Hall
Gross Hall
Grover M Hermann Hall
Guardian Angel Home for the Aged
Gurnee Village Hall
Gyte Annex
Halas Hall
Hall of Fame of International College of Surgeons
Hammond City Hall
Hammond Civic Center
Hanover Park Village Hall
Hanover Township Office
Harbor Point
Harlan Hall
Harm A Weber Administration Building
Harold and Margaret Moser Performing Arts Center
Harold L Stuart Center
Harold Leonard Stuart Hall
Harold Washington Hall
Harper Crest Hall
Harris Hall
Harris Theater
Harrison Conference Center
Harrison Park Culture and Recreation Center
Hartford Building
Harvester Building
Harwood Heights Village Hall
Hawthorn Hall
Hayes-Healy Athletic Center
Haymarket Center
Head of the Grove
Heitman Center
Helene Curtis Building
Hellenic Community Center
Heller International Tower
Henry B Clarke House
Henry Crown Sports Pavilion
Henry Hinds Laboratory for the Geophysical Sciences
Henry J Vals Gymnasium
Hephzibah Childrens Home
Heritage Science Center
High Energy Physics Building
Highland Park City Hall
Highland Town Hall
Hillside Village Hall
Hilton Gymnasium
Hinsdale Nurseries
Hinsdale Village Hall
Hixon Hall
Hoffman Estates Townhall
Holiday Hills City Hall
Holy Family Villa
Hometown Village Hall
Homewood Village Hall
Hotchkiss Hall
Hotel Florence
House of Light
Howe Development Center
Hudson Studios
Hull House Dining Hall
Huron Plaza
Hutchinson Commons
Hyde Park Art Center
Hyde Park Athletic Club
Hyde Park Tower
Ida Noyes Hall
Illinois Center
Illinois Central Gulf Station
Illinois Youth Center - Chicago
Illinois Youth Center - Saint Charles
Illinois Youth Center - Warrenville
Immaculate Conception Rectory
Imperial Nursing Home
Indian Boundary YMCA
Indian Creek Village Hall
Ingleside Hall
Insurance Building Exchange
International House
Iron Hall
Isaac G Ettleson Building
Islamic Cultural Center
Island Lake City Hall
Itasca Village Hall
Ivanhoe Metra Train Station
J. Gordon Designs Hair
Jack Benny Center For The Arts
Jacob Henry Mansion
Jacques Building
Jaeger Residence Hall
James C Petrillo Music Shell
James Foley Building
James L Allen Center
James Rankin House
Jane Addams Center
Janme Addams Hull House
Jedlica Performing Arts Center
Jenks Hall
Jesuit House
Jewelers Building
Jewett Park Community Center
John A Murphy Memorial Auditorium
John E Hufmeyer Building
John Fewkes Tower
John Hancock Center
John Hancock Tower
John R Thompson Building
John Stewart Memorial Settlement House
Johnson Recreation Center
Johnson Science Center
Joliet Generating Station
Joliet Job Corps Center
Joliet Municipal Building
Jonathan Hall
Jones Laboratory
Joseph Kamka Building
Judd Hall
Julius Rosenwald Hall
Kane County Courthouse
Kane County Government Center
Kane County Jail
Kaufman Hall
Kelley Hall
Kelmscott Gallery
Kendall County Courthouse
Kendall County Jail
Kenilworth Village Hall
Kent Hall
Kiley Developmental Center
Kindlon Hall of Learning
King - Nash House
Kingsburgy Plaza
Kirchbaum Building
Kiwanis International Building
Kluczynski Federal Building
Koehneke Community Center
Kogen - Miller Studios
Kohlbeck Hall
Kohn Hall
Kovler Hall
Krasa Center
Krauss Hall
Krentz Center
Kretzmann Hall
La Grange Park Village Hall
La Grange Village Hall
Laird Bell Law Quadrangle
Lake - Cook Metra Station
Lake Barrington Village Hall
Lake Bluff City Hall
Lake County Childrens Home
Lake County Courthouse
Lake County Courthouse
Lake County Greenhouse Garden
Lake Forest City Hall
Lake Forest Recreation Center
Lake in the Hills Village Hall
Lake Park Plaza
Lake Point Towers
Lake Station Emergency Medical Services
Lake View Building
Lake Villa Rescue Squad
Lake Village East
Lakemoor City Hall
Lakeside Press Building
Lakewood Village Hall
Lambert Tree Studios
Larrabee Commons
LaSalle - Monroe Building
LaSalle - Wacker Building
Lawrence Hall Orphanage
Leckrone Academic Resource Center
Lehmann Hall
Leo Burnett Building
Levan Center
Leverone Hall
Lewis Hall
Lexington Park Recreation Center
Libertyville Village Hall
Lilac Cottage
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Lincoln Park Cultural Arts Center and Recreation Building
Lincoln Tower
Lincolnshire Village Hall
Lincolnwood Village Hall
Lindemann Hall
Lindenwood Hall
Lisle Village Hall
Livingston Building
Lockport City Hall
Lockport Powerhouse
Locy Laboratory
Logan Theatre
Lois Durand Hall
Long Grove Village Hall
Longmeadow Activity Center
Louis Valentine Unit Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Lownik Hall
Loyola University - Lewis Towers
Loyola University Living and Learning Center
Lucas Transportation Service
Lunt Administration Building
Lutheran Church of the Apostles
Lydia Childrens Home
Lyondell Chemical Company
Lyons Village Hall
Machinery Hall
Maclean House
Madison Plaza
Main Building
Maine Township Town Hall
Mandel Auditorium
Mandel Coach House
Manhattan Building
Manhattan Village Hall
Manor House
Marian Hall
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
Marie Irwin Center
Marina City
Marklund Childrens Home
Marquette Building
Marram Hall
Mary Martha Hall and Computer Center
Maryville Scott A Nolan Center
Mason House
Materials Technology Building
Matteson Village Hall
Max Palevsky Cinema
May and Hughes Institute
Mayer Kaplan Community Center
Mazzuchelli Hall
McAlister Conservatory
McCabe Hall
McCarthy Building
McCarthy Hall
McClure Hall
McClurg Court Center
McCormick Auditorium
McCormick Bird House
McCormick Building
McCormick Place
McCullom Lake Village Hall
McGaw Hall
McGill House
McGowan Biological and Environmental Sciences Center
McGraw - Hill Building
McGraw Pavilion
McHenry County Courthouse
McKinley Park Field House
McManis Hall
Medical Arts Building
Memorial Building
Memorial Field House
Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall
Memorial Student Center
Mentor Building
Mergenthaler Lofts
Merle Reskin Theatre
Merner Field House
Merriam Center for Public Administration
Merrill Residence Hall
Merrionette Park Police Station
Merrionette Park Village Hall
Mertz Hall
Metro Paramedic Services
Metropolitan Correctional Center
Michael Cudahy Science
Michael J O'Connell Center
Michigan - Ohio Building
Michigan Boulevard Building
Mid-America Commodity Exchange Building
Mid-Continental Plaza Building
Midlothian Village Hall
Midway Residence Hall
Midway Studio
Midwest Athletic Club
Midwest Rapid Opiate Detoxification Center
Millard E Gyte Building
Miller Town Hall
Millican House
Misericordia Home
Mitchell Memorial Gymnasium
Monadnock Building
Monee Village Hall
Monroe Building
Monroe Parking Garage
Montgomery Place
Montgomery Ward Memorial Building
Moody Bible Auditorium
Moore Hall
Moraine Student Center
Morgan Park Academy Gymnasium
Morris Hall
Morton - Norwich Building
Morton Grove Village Hall
Morton International Building
Moser Building
Mother Samuel Coughlin Hall
Mott Hall
Mount Prospect Village Hall
Mount Saint Joseph Childrens Home
Mount Saint Joseph Home
Munroe Hall
Munster Town Hall
Musical Arts Building
Naperville City Hall
Naperville Township Office
Neil Carey Arena
Neuzil Residence Hall
New Franklin Building
New Lenox Village Hall
New Regal Theatre
Newberry House
Newberry Plaza
Newport Townhall
Nichols Hunt House
Niebuhr Hall
Niles Township Community Day Care and Food Pantry
Niles Township Offices
Niles Village Hall
Nineteenth Church of Christ Scientist Reading Room
Nollen Hall
Norris Recreation Center
North American Building
North Avenue Beach House
North Barrington Village Hall
North Branch Center
North Chicago City Hall
North Hall
North Harbor Tower
North Lakeside Cultural Center
Northbrook Metra Station
Northbrook Village Hall
Northfield Village Hall
Northland Hall
Northside Auditorium
Northwest Tower
Northwestern Atrium
Northwestern Terminal Powerhouse
Noyes Culture Arts Center
O'Shaughnessy Dining Hall
Oak Lawn Village Hall
Oak Park Avenue Metra Commuter Train Station
Oak Park Club
Oak Park Village Hall
Oak Park YMCA
Oakbrook Terrace Village Hall
Oakbrook Village Hall
Ohio Hall
Ohlson Hall
Old Colony Building
Old Courthouse Arts Center
Old Franklin Building
Old Main
Old Main
Old McHenry County Courthouse
Old Republic Building
Old Town Triangle Association Building
Oliver Building
Olympia Center
Olympia Fields Village Hall
On Leong Chinese Merchants Association Building
Ondrak Residence Hall
One Congress Center
One Financial Place
One Grand Place
One Hundred Thirty North La Salle Building
One Illinois Center
One North LaSalle Building
One Northwestern Center
One Prudential Plaza
Ontario Court
Ontario Place
Onterie Center
Operation Push National Headquaters
Oremus Fine Arts Center
Oriental Institute
Orland Park Village Center
Orland Township Office
Orleans Plaza
Oswego Village Hall
Our Lady of the Snows Rectory
Pacelli Hall
Page Brothers Building
Paine Webbler Tower
Pakula Building
Palatine Townhall
Palmer House
Palos Park Village Hall
Paramedic Services of Illinois
Paramount Arts Center
Park Castle
Park Crest
Park Forest Village Hall
Park Gables
Park Manor
Park Place Senior Center
Park Ridge City Hall
Parkside Activity Center
Patterson Lodge
Peace Memorial Home
Pearsons Hall
Peck Building
Pelouze Building
Performing Arts Center
Perry Theatre
Peter Kroehler Memorial Dormitory
Pfeiffer Memorial Hall
Phemister Hall
Philip Lynch Theatre
Piccadilly Hall
Pioneer Place Home for the Aged
Piper Hall
Pittsfield Building
Plainfield Village Hall
Playboy Building
Pleasant Home
Plymouth Building
Polish Consulate
Polk Building
Pool and Locker Building
Pope Building
Poplar Creek Theater
Portage Theater
Posen Village Hall
Pottawatomie Community Center
Power Hall
Prairie Lakes Community Center
Presentation King Hall
Presidential Towers
Printers Square
Professional Medical Transport
Promontory Point Park Field House
Prudential Building
Pullman Administration Building
Pullman Stables
Quaker Tower
Quandrangle Faculty Club
Queen of Angels Guild Hall
R H Love Galleries
R R Donnelley Center
Rae Building
Raintree Hall
Ralph H Metcalf Federal Building
Randall House
Randolf-Wacker Building
Randolph Building
Ravine Lodge
Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center
Regal Building
Regency Hospital of Northwest Indiana Company
Regina Hall
Reid Hall
Reitz Building
Reliance Building
Renaissance Center
Rescue Eight Paramedic Service
Research Institute Tower
Research Institutes Building
Resurrection Parish Rectory
Reuss Video Communications Center
Rialto Theatre
Ridgewood Hall
River Center
River City
River Cottages
River Forest Village Hall
River Grove Village Hall
River Plaza
River West Plaza
Riverdale Metra Train Station
Riverdale Park Recreation Center
Riverdale Village Hall
Riverside Plaza
Riverside Village Hall
Riverwalk Community Center
Riverwoods Village Hall
Riviera Theatre
Roanoke Building
Robbins Village Hall
Robert Crown Community Center
Robert Davidson Center
Robert Louis Stevenson Recreation Center
Roberts Hall
Robinson University Center
Ron George Round Barn
Ronald McDonald House
Roosevelt Center
Rose Hill Commercial Park
Roselle Village Hall
Rosemont Convention Center
Rosemont Public Safety Department
Rosemont Village Hall
Rosenwald Cottage
Rothschild Building
Roy O West House
Royal Oak Convalescent Home
Rush University Academic Facility
Rustic Pavilion
Ryder House
Ryerson Hall
S R Crown Hall
Sacred Heart Church Hall
Saint Ailbes Hall
Saint Albert Hall
Saint Anns Home
Saint Anselm Parish Center
Saint Basils Rectory
Saint Boniface Church Hall
Saint Brendan Gymnasium
Saint Bridget Rectory
Saint Bridget Rectory
Saint Carthage Convent
Saint Charles City Hall
Saint Charles Township Office
Saint Christinas Convent
Saint Columbanus Church Social Center
Saint Columbanus Rectory
Saint Cornelius Rectory
Saint David Rectory
Saint Dorothy Rectory
Saint Gall Convent
Saint Hedwig Rectory
Saint Henrys Rectory
Saint Ignatius Auditorium
Saint James De Chantal Rectory
Saint Jeromes Convent
Saint John De La Salle Hall
Saint John Vianny Residence Hall
Saint Johns Lutheran Church Parish Hall
Saint Joseph Home
Saint Joseph Home for the Elderly
Saint Josephs Hall
Saint Juliana Rectory
Saint Mary of the Woods Rectory
Saint Michael Convent and Nursery
Saint Monicas Rectory
Saint Peter and Saint Paul Eastern Orthodox Church Hall
Saint Rita Parish Sisters Convent
Saint Rosalie Hall
Saint Veronica Rectory
Saint Walter Convent
Samuel Kersten Junior Physics Teaching Center
Sanctuary Hall
Santa Fe Center
Sauganash Community Church Annex
Sauk Village Village Hall
Savannah Center
Schaefer Greenhouses
Schaible Science Center
Schaumburg Townhall
Schell Hall
Schick Hall
Schiller Park Village Hall
Schiller Street Town Houses
Scholl Hall
School District Number 148 Office
School of Social Services Administration
Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
Schwartz Nursery and Garden Center
Science Research Center
Scoville Block
Scoville Square
Seager Hall
Searle Chemistry Laboratory
Searle Hall
Select Specialty Hospital Northwest Indiana Campus
Selwyn Theater
Seton Hall
Seward Park Field House
Seybert Hall
Shannon Center
Shedd Aquarium
Shedd Park Field House
Sheffield Square
Sheil Hall
Shelbyrne Hall
Shepard Hall
Shops Building
Shoreland Hall
Shorewood Village Hall
Shubert Theater
Silversmith Building
Singer Building
Sixty-Fourth Street Beach Pavilion
Skatium Ice Arena
Skokie Swift Station
Skokie Theatre
Skokie Village Hall
Skyscraper Building
Sleepy Hollow Village Hall
Snell Hall
Social Science Research Building
Sohlberg Hall
South Barrington Village Hall
South Hall
South Hall
South Holland Public Libary
South Loop Martketplace
South Residence Hall
South Shore Cultural Center
Southlake Center for Mental Health
Spa Chakra
Sporting Club
Standard Club
Stanger Hall
Stanley R Pierce Hall
State of Illinois Building
State of Illinois Center
State-Madison Building
Stateville Correctional Center
Stebler Hall
Steel and Glass House
Steger Village Hall
Stephen Mather House
Stephens Hall of Science
Steuben Club
Stevens Building
Stickney Village Hall
Stone Park City Hall
Streamwood Behavioral Health Center
Streamwood Village Hall
Stuart Residence Hall
Summer Place Theatre
Summit Village Hall
Sun Building
Sun-Times Building
Sunny Gymnasium
Sunnyside Village Hall
Sycamore Hall
Tamarack Hall
Tarry Medical Research and Education Building
Terminals Building
Thabor Hall
Thai Culture Center
Thalia Hall
The Belden
The Berghoff
The Body Politic Theatre
The Brewster
The Chicagoan
The Cloisters
The Cobden
The Loftrium
The Moorings Retirement Center
The Raliegh Building
The Rookery Building
Theodore Thomas Orchestra Hall
Theophil Studios
Thirty-three East Congress Building
Thom Building
Thornton Gymnasium
Thornton Village Hall
Three Arts Club
Three First National Plaza
Three Hundred Thirty-Three North Michigan Building
Three Illinois Center
Thrive Integrative Medical Spa
Thrive Integrative Medical Spa - Dearborn
Tibstra Residence Hall
Time-Life Building
Tinley Park Village Hall
Tinley Park World Music Theatre
Tivoli Theatre
Tower Building
Tower Hall
Tower Lakes Village Police
Traders Building
Trans-Union Building
Tribune Tower
Trump International Hotel and Tower
Trustees System Service Building
Twim Towers
Two First National Building
Two Hundred Eight South LaSalle Building
Two Illinois Center
Two Prudential Plaza
Ukrainian Culture Center of Saint Volovymy and Olha Parish
Union League Club
Union Station
Unitarian Universalist Parish House
United Methodist Foundation
United of America Building
University Building
University Club
University Commons
University Hall
University Hall
University Hall
University Park Village Hall
University Press Building
Uptown Broadway Building
Uptown Theatre
Urantia Foundation
Urban West Associates Building
USPS Palatine Processing and Distribution Center
Van Buren Building
Vander Velde Hall
Vernon Townhall
Victor F Lawson YMCA
Villa Park Village Hall
Village Hall
Virginia Hall
Visual Sciences Center
Volkman Hall
Wacker Tower
Ward Building
Washington and Jane Smith Home
Washington and Wabash Building
Washington Block
Water Tower Place
Watkins Hall
Wauconda City Hall
Waukegan City Hall
Waukegan Generating Station
Waveland Field House
Wellness Center
West Chicago City Hall
West Dundee City Hall
West Residence Hall
Western Boulevard Pumping Station
Western Springs Village Hall
Westmont Village Hall
WGRY Radio Station
Wheeling Municipal Center
Wheeling Township Hall
Whitman Laboratory
Wieboldt Hall
Wilkinson Hall
Will County Administration Building
Will County Adult Detention Center
Will County Courthouse
Will County Electric Generating Station
William W Kimball House
William Wieboldt Hall
Williams Building
Willis Tower
Williston Hall
Willoughby Tower
Wilmette Village Hall
Wilson Hall
Winnetka City Hall
Winnie Evans Senior Citizens Drop In Center
Wisdom Bridge Theatre
Wishnick Hall
Wolf Point Apparel Center
Womans Athletic Club
Woodlawn Hall
Woodlawn Social Services Center
Woodstock City Hall
Woodstock Opera House
Woodward Court
Worcester House
World Trade Center
Worth Township Building
Worth Township Hall
Worth Village Hall
Wrigley Building
Yellow House
York Center Town Hall
Young Hall
Young Memorial Building
Zion Auditorium
Zion City Hall

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