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South Lebanon Elementary School is a school in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area.

Located not far from Hopkinsville (2.3 miles), Kings Mills (2.2 miles), Mary Ellen (0.4 miles), South Lebanon (0.0 miles), and Zoar (1.8 miles). Bethesda-Warren County Health Center is just 2.7 miles from South Lebanon Elementary School. Kings Stadium is about 2.6 miles from South Lebanon Elementary School. Rohrer Airport is 6.0 miles away from South Lebanon Elementary School. Kings Mills Elementary School, Kings High School, Louisa Wright Elementary School, Green Knoll School, and Hamilton-Maineville Elementary School are the schools closest. Nearby buildings include South Lebanon Town Hall, Ohio State Highway Patrol - Lebanon Patrol Post, College Football Hall of Fame, Maplewood Sanitorium, and Warren County Home.

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