Places near Sproul Junior High School

Sproul Junior High School is a school in the Denver Area.

Evans Army Community Hospital is approximately 4.1 miles from Sproul Junior High School. North Security Elementary School, Wilson Junior High School, Pinello Elementary School, Widefield High School, and Widefield Elementary School are the closest schools. Located not far from Security (0.4 miles), Skinners (0.9 miles), Stratmoor (1.9 miles), Widefield (2.5 miles), and Security-Widefield (2.1 miles). Falcon Stadium is approximately 16.9 miles from Sproul Junior High School. Some nearby buildings are Cheyenne Mountain Re - Entry Center, Pro Power Rooter, Spring Creek Youth Services Center, Colorado State Patrol Troop Office 2B, and Myron Stratton Home. Colorado Springs Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 3.8 miles away from Sproul Junior High School.

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