Places near Ritter School

Ritter School is a school in the Detroit Metro Area.

Seaway Hospital is approximately 4.8 miles from Ritter School. Grosse Ile Municipal Airport is about 6.5 miles away from Ritter School. Some cities and towns nearby are Flat Rock (2.6 miles), Rockwood (1.5 miles), South Rockwood (0.6 miles), Huron River Mobile Home Park (2.7 miles), and Flat Rock Village Mobile Home Park (3.3 miles). Olympia Stadium is about 22.0 miles from Ritter School. Chapman School, Saint Mary Catholic School, Gibraltar Early Child Education Center, Simpson Junior High School, and Flat Rock Community Building Pre-Kindergarten School are the schools closest. Some nearby buildings are Flat Rock Courthouse, Gibralter City Hall, Woodhaven City Hall, Estral Beach Village Hall, and Brownstown Township Hall.

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