Places near Fairland

Nearby Places
Town of Fairland (0.1 miles)

WENS-FM (Shelbyville) (0.5 miles)

Swain Memorial Forest (0.8 miles)

Township of Brandywine (1.4 miles)

Brandywine Church (1.5 miles)

Clover Village (1.5 miles)

Triton Central High School (1.9 miles)

Johnson Cemetery (2.4 miles)

Gray Airport (2.8 miles)

Township of Sugar Creek (3.0 miles)

Boggstown Cemetery (3.1 miles)

The Red Mills (3.2 miles)

Walnut Grove Camp (3.2 miles)

Hough Cemetery (3.2 miles)

Fairland is a populated place in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.

Key Stadium is just 16.6 miles from Fairland. Nearby buildings include Greenwood Community Center, Franklin Township Hall, New Whiteland City Hall, Greenwood City Building, and Greenwood Nursing Home. Triton Central High School, Marion Elementary School, Acton Elementary School, New Palestine Elementary School, and New Palestine High School are the schools closest. Kindred Hospital Indianapolis South Campus is approximately 11.8 miles from Fairland. Farm Strip is 7.2 miles away from Fairland. Some cities and towns nearby are Boggstown (3.2 miles), Clover Village (1.5 miles), Green Meadows (3.5 miles), Southeast Manor (3.6 miles), and The Red Mills (3.2 miles).

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