Hotels near City Cemetery

Nearby Places
Antioch Baptist Church (0.1 miles)
Love Fellowship Christian Church (0.1 miles)
Holy Family Catholic Church (0.1 miles)
Duval County (0.2 miles)
Christ the King (0.2 miles)
Tabernacle Baptist Institutional Church (0.3 miles)
Zion Community Church (0.3 miles)
Church of the Living God (0.3 miles)
Springfield Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
Central School (0.3 miles)
Fountain Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.3 miles)
Saint Joseph United Methodist Church (0.3 miles)
Florida Coastal School of Law Library (0.3 miles)
Holy Temple Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (0.3 miles)
Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.4 miles)
Mount Moriah House of God Church (0.4 miles)
House of God Saints in Christ General Church (0.4 miles)
Abbas Place Missions (0.4 miles)
Saint Johns Episcopal Cathedral (0.4 miles)
Jacksonville (0.4 miles)
Macedonia Church of Deliverance (0.5 miles)
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (0.5 miles)
Christ Temple Church of God in Unity (0.5 miles)
Act of the Apostolic Bibleway Church (0.5 miles)
Mount Carmel Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Jacksonville Pre-Trial Detention Facility Heliport (0.5 miles)
Saint Luke Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Synod of South Atlantic Presbyterian Church (0.5 miles)
Good Samaritan Temple (0.5 miles)
Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena (0.5 miles)
Jacksonville Public Library (0.5 miles)
Jacksonville Police Heliport (0.5 miles)
Bethesda Faith Assembly Church (0.5 miles)
First Baptist Church of Oakland (0.6 miles)
Oak School of Learning (0.6 miles)
Abundant Life Outreach (0.6 miles)
First Presbyterian Church (0.6 miles)
Bethel Church Youth Center (0.6 miles)
Florida Community College - Downtown Campus (0.6 miles)