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Cosmic Church of Truth is a church in the Jacksonville, Florida Area.

Harmon Stadium is approximately 12.8 miles from Cosmic Church of Truth. Some nearby buildings are Heritage Christian Center, Murray Hill Art Center, Christian Coalition of Duval County, Mallison Community Center, and Mary Lena Gibbs Community Center. Saint Vincents Hospital is the nearest hospital, 2.3 miles from Cosmic Church of Truth. Cecil Airport is 10.4 miles away from Cosmic Church of Truth. Saint Matthews Catholic School, Fishweir School, Riverside Avondale Middle School, Sacred Heart School, and Florida Community College - Kent Campus are schools nearby. Nearby communities include Avondale (1.2 miles), Biltmore (0.8 miles), Lake Shore (0.6 miles), Ortega (1.5 miles), and Saint Johns Park (0.5 miles).

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