Places near Miracle Deliverance Temple

Miracle Deliverance Temple is a church in the Jacksonville, Florida Area.

Ford School, Mount Herman Exceptional Student Center, Cookman School, Lewis Junior High School, and Walker School are the schools closest. Craig Municipal Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 9.4 miles away from Miracle Deliverance Temple. Located not far from Brentwood (1.4 miles), Brooklyn (1.3 miles), College Park (0.5 miles), Grand Park (1.9 miles), and Springfield (1.1 miles). Harmon Stadium is approximately 10.7 miles from Miracle Deliverance Temple. Not far from Saint Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Outreach Center, Jacksonville Housing Police, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Jacksonville Regional Operations Center, Edith Brown Ford Community Center, and Bethel Church Youth Center. Brewster Hospital is approximately 0.5 miles from Miracle Deliverance Temple.

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