Hotels near Sweetfield Baptist Church

Nearby Places
Raiford A Brown Eastside Library (0.0 miles)
Jerusalem Baptist Church (0.1 miles)
Little Rock Baptist Church (0.1 miles)
Gilbert Junior High School (0.1 miles)
Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (0.2 miles)
New Palmer Grove Baptist Church Full Gospel Ministry (0.2 miles)
Christ Temple Church of God in Unity (0.2 miles)
Brown School (0.2 miles)
Victory Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
Bethesda Faith Assembly Church (0.3 miles)
Act of the Apostolic Bibleway Church (0.3 miles)
Mirimar Center (0.4 miles)
Abbas Place Missions (0.4 miles)
Gateway Community Service Center (0.4 miles)
Grace and Hope Deliverance Church (0.4 miles)
Christian Development Center (0.4 miles)
Fountain Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.5 miles)
Christ the King (0.5 miles)
Good Samaritan Temple (0.5 miles)
House of God Saints in Christ General Church (0.5 miles)
Saint Joseph United Methodist Church (0.5 miles)
Macedonia Church of Deliverance (0.5 miles)
Mount Moriah House of God Church (0.5 miles)
Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.5 miles)
Church of Our Savior-Episcopal (0.5 miles)
First Baptist Church of Oakland (0.5 miles)
Northtown Square (0.5 miles)
Church of the Living God (0.5 miles)
Oakland School (0.6 miles)
Zarephath Tabernacle Church (0.6 miles)
Duval County (0.6 miles)
Church of Good Shepherd (0.6 miles)
Lakewood/San Jose Plaza (0.6 miles)
Holy Family Catholic Church (0.6 miles)
Love Fellowship Christian Church (0.6 miles)
Tabernacle Baptist Institutional Church (0.6 miles)
United Full Gospel of Christ Christian Center (0.6 miles)
Zion Community Church (0.6 miles)
Antioch Baptist Church (0.6 miles)