Places near Primitive Baptist Church

Primitive Baptist Church is a church in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Animal Clinic is the nearest hospital, 1.7 miles from Primitive Baptist Church. Cedar Air Park is 7.5 miles away from Primitive Baptist Church. Not far from Merr-Len Office Building, Melz Hall, Smith Hall, Cook Center, and Osborne Hall. Pioneer Stadium is 0.5 miles from Primitive Baptist Church. Prince of Peace Catholic School, Frontier Trail Middle School, Briarwood Elementary School, Black Bob Elementary School, and Olathe School District Offices are the closest schools. Nearby communities include Bonita (4.7 miles), Lackmans (3.8 miles), Morse (2.9 miles), Stanley (5.8 miles), and Hometown Santa Barbara Mobile Home Park (2.9 miles).

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