Places near Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church is a church in the Knoxville Tennessee Area.

Nearby buildings: McCord Hall, Morgan Hall, McLeod Hall, C E Brehm Animal Sciences Building, and Ellington Plant Sciences Building. Tyson Junior High School, U T Department of Agriculture, John Tarleton Institute, University of Tennessee, and West View Elementary School are the closest schools. Lindsey Nelson Stadium is just 1.2 miles from Calvary Baptist Church. Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Marble City (0.8 miles), Sequoyah Hills (1.7 miles), West Knoxville (1.3 miles), West View (1.0 miles), and Spur Trailer Park (0.6 miles). East Tennessee Childrens Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 0.7 miles from Calvary Baptist Church. Colony Park Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 2.3 miles away from Calvary Baptist Church.

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