Places near Lakeland Subdivision

Nearby Places
Macedonia Church (0.5 miles)

Bradbury Valley (0.7 miles)

Waller Cemetery (0.8 miles)

Jones Island (0.8 miles)

Charles Vanden Bulck Bridge (0.9 miles)

Blue Spring Island Shoals (0.9 miles)

Whiteoak Dam (1.1 miles)

Clinch View Church (1.1 miles)

Bethel Valley (1.2 miles)

Interchange 364 (1.3 miles)

Pawpaw Plains (1.3 miles)

Pawpaw Church (1.3 miles)

Buttermilk Shores (1.4 miles)

Hood Ridge (1.5 miles)

Lakeland Subdivision is a populated place in the Knoxville Tennessee Area.

Shields Stadium is approximately 22.4 miles from Lakeland Subdivision. Big T Airport provides air service in the region and is 4.3 miles away from Lakeland Subdivision. North Middle School, Eatons Elementary School, Lenoir City High School, Loudon County Vocational Center, and Highland Park Elementary School are the schools closest. Nearby buildings include Melton Hill Community Center, Lenoir City City Hall, Oak Ridge Civic Center, Loudon City Hall, and Loudon County Courthouse. Fort Loudoun Medical Center is a nearby hospital and is 5.8 miles from Lakeland Subdivision. Some cities and towns nearby are Buttermilk Shores (1.4 miles), Eaton Forest (3.9 miles), Oral (3.9 miles), Pawpaw Plains (1.3 miles), and Woodlawn (1.8 miles).

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