Places near Clear Fork Church

Nearby Places
Pine Hill (0.7 miles)

Silver Hills (0.8 miles)

Road Hollow (1.0 miles)

South Hollow (1.3 miles)

Gap Hollow (1.3 miles)

Wheeler Ridge (1.5 miles)

Gap Hollow Church (1.6 miles)

Hickory Ridge (1.7 miles)

Hitner Ridge (1.8 miles)

Corydon Pike School (1.8 miles)

Pleasant Valley Camp (1.9 miles)

Pine View Elementary School (1.9 miles)

Christ Temple Apostolic Church (2.0 miles)

Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith (2.0 miles)

Clear Fork Church is a church in the Louisville Metro Area.

Ulmer Stadium is 6.5 miles from Clear Fork Church. Corydon Pike School, Pine View Elementary School, Flaget High School, Loretto High School, and King Elementary School are schools nearby. Haps Airport is approximately 8.1 miles away from Clear Fork Church. Silvercrest State Hospital is just 2.9 miles from Clear Fork Church. Nearby communities: Edwardsville (3.2 miles), Silver Hills (2.1 miles), Parkland (2.7 miles), Portland (3.0 miles), and Shawneeland (2.4 miles). Not far from Christ the King Senior Housing Facility, Hughes Bar Post Light, Harrods Creek Community Development Center, Scribner House, and Carnegie Center for Art and History.

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