Hotels near Kosair Children's Hospital

Nearby Places
Frazier Rehabilitation Institute (0.1 miles)
Norton Hospital (0.1 miles)
Jewish Hospital (0.1 miles)
General Hospital (0.1 miles)
Ackerly-Bingham Guidance Special Education High School (0.1 miles)
Ackerly-Bingham Guidance Special Education School (0.1 miles)
Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center (0.1 miles)
Interchange 136C (0.2 miles)
Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital (0.2 miles)
Jefferson Community College (0.2 miles)
Alliant Medical Pavilion (0.2 miles)
Medical College (0.2 miles)
The Church of the Nazarene of Broadway (0.2 miles)
Ahrens Educational Resource Center (0.2 miles)
Brown School (0.2 miles)
Interchange 136B (0.2 miles)
University Child Health Specialists Center (0.2 miles)
First Lutheran Church (0.2 miles)
Jefferson Community College Preschool (0.3 miles)
Jewish Hospital Heliport (0.3 miles)
University of Louisville Hospital (0.3 miles)
Greater New Hope Community Church (0.3 miles)
Rock Cosmopolitian Church (0.3 miles)
Full Gospel Baptist Tabernacle (0.3 miles)
Green Street Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
Franciscan Shelter House (0.3 miles)
International Hand Library (0.3 miles)
Christ Church Cathedral (0.3 miles)
Alsac-Saint Jude Childrens Research Hospital (0.3 miles)
Carmichael School (0.4 miles)
University Hospital Heliport (0.4 miles)
Interfaith Paths to Peace Church (0.4 miles)
Ministry on the River (0.4 miles)
Seamans Church Institute (0.4 miles)
Health South Louisville Surgery Center (0.4 miles)
Saint Boniface School (0.4 miles)
Saint Boniface Church (0.4 miles)
Presbyterian Community Center (0.4 miles)
Interchange 136A (0.4 miles)