Hotels near Norton Infirmary

Nearby Places
Peniel Revival Center (0.1 miles)
Walnut Street Baptist Church (0.2 miles)
Fourth Avenue Baptist Church (0.2 miles)
Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church (0.2 miles)
First Church of Christ Scientist (0.2 miles)
Manly Junior High School (0.2 miles)
Central Presbyterian Church (0.3 miles)
Engelhard Elementary School (0.3 miles)
United States Veterans Administration Veterans Outreach Center (0.3 miles)
Louisville Deaf Oral School (0.3 miles)
Interchange 135 (0.3 miles)
Faith Church of Deliverance (0.3 miles)
Deker College (0.3 miles)
Saint Louis Bertrand Catholic Church (0.4 miles)
Bible Believers Church (0.4 miles)
Cove Baptist Church (0.4 miles)
Christian Church Homes of Kentucky (0.4 miles)
Central Park (0.4 miles)
Mount Moriah Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Male High School (0.5 miles)
West End Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Keller Day Treatment Center Alternative School (0.5 miles)
Louisville Church of Christ (0.5 miles)
Saint Stephen Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Spalding University (0.5 miles)
Tingley School (0.5 miles)
Dayspring Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Spradling Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (0.5 miles)
New Zion United Church of God (0.5 miles)
Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Talbert School (0.5 miles)
Dawson Orman Education Center (0.5 miles)
Jefferson County High School (0.5 miles)
Greater Bethel Temple (0.6 miles)
Lampton Baptist Church (0.6 miles)
Interchange 136A (0.6 miles)
WLRS-FM (Louisville) (0.6 miles)
Calvary Episcopal Church (0.6 miles)
First Unitarian Church (0.6 miles)