Hotels near Saint Anthonys Hospital

Nearby Places
Vencor Hospital (0.0 miles)
Sisters of Mercy Convent (0.1 miles)
Breckinridge Metropolitan High School (0.1 miles)
Concordia Lutheran Church (0.1 miles)
Rubel Avenue School (0.2 miles)
Christ Evangelical United Church of Christ (0.2 miles)
Jefferson County Traditional Middle School (0.3 miles)
Woerner Junior High School (0.3 miles)
Church of the Advent (0.3 miles)
Baxter Avenue Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
Metropolitan Community Church of Louisville (0.4 miles)
Baxter Post Office (0.4 miles)
Vine Street Baptist Church (0.4 miles)
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Kentucky Refugee Ministries (0.5 miles)
Saint Theresa School (0.5 miles)
Eastern Cemetery (0.5 miles)
Saint Martin of Tours Church (0.5 miles)
Saint Brigid Catholic Church (0.5 miles)
Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church (0.5 miles)
Lords Temple the Church of God in Christ (0.5 miles)
Highland Presbyterian Church (0.5 miles)
Saint Brigids School (0.5 miles)
Original Church of God (0.6 miles)
Cable Baptist Church (0.6 miles)
Saint Johns School (0.6 miles)
Bates Memorial Baptist Church (0.6 miles)
Presbyterian Community Center (0.7 miles)
Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty (0.7 miles)
Health South Louisville Surgery Center (0.7 miles)
Home of the Innocents Elementary School (0.7 miles)
Home of the Innocents High School (0.7 miles)
University Hospital Heliport (0.7 miles)
Cave Hill National Cemetery (0.7 miles)
Green Street Baptist Church (0.7 miles)
Saint Louis Cemetery (0.7 miles)
Highland Baptist Church (0.7 miles)
Merker School (0.7 miles)
Carmichael School (0.8 miles)