Places near Saint Augustine Elementary School

Saint Augustine Elementary School is a school in the Memphis Area.

Bertrand High School, Hamilton Junior High School, Le-Sueurs Multi Purpose Learning Center, Hamilton High School, and Stafford Elementary School are the schools closest. Anderson-Tully County Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 4.9 miles away from Saint Augustine Elementary School. Methodist Outreach Hospital is approximately 1.6 miles from Saint Augustine Elementary School. Located not far from Bunker Hill (0.5 miles), Buntyn (3.0 miles), East Junction (2.6 miles), Lenox (2.4 miles), and Mallory (2.3 miles). Crump Stadium is approximately 2.0 miles from Saint Augustine Elementary School. Nearby buildings: Saint Jude Day Care Center, Harris Memorial Day Care and Learning Center, Greater Mount Moriah Potters House Life Center, Barron Heights Transitional Living Center, and Greater Mount Moriah Archie L Rice Center.

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