Hotels Near Schools in Miami and southeastern Florida

A and A Academy South
A Big Childs Place
A Childs Place
A World for Children Montessori School
Abbott School and Day Care Center
Abbott School and Day Care Number 4
Abbott School Day Care
Abc A Learning Preschool
ABC Day Care Center
ABC School
Abe Grant School
Abig Satellite School
Academia Rico
Academicare Centers
Academy for Community Education
Academy of Arts and Minds School
Academy of Arts of Miami
Academy Senior High School
Advanced Technology Institute
Air Base Elementary School
Aleida's Nursery School
Alexander Christian School
Alexander School Campus 2
Alexander School Campus 3
Alexander-Montessori School
All American Memorial Church School
All Angels Academy
All Angels Episcopal School
All My Kids School
Allapattah Junior High School
Allapattah School
Allapattah YMCA Day Care
Allison Academy
Alpha Academy
Alpha and Omega Private School
Alpha Day School
Alpha Day School
Amelia Earhart Elementary School
Amelia Earhart Junior High School
American Academy
American Academy
American Christian School
American Heritage School
American Senior High School
Andy's Nursery School
Angels Corner School
Annie Jean Kindergarten
Annunciation School
Apollo Middle School
Apple Tree Montessori Preschool
Apple Tree Preschool
Apple Tree Preschool
Applied Technology School
Archbishop Carroll High School
Archbishop Curley School
Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High School
Archimedean Academy
Arcola Lake Elementary School
Arrowhead Kindergarten
Arrowhead Nursery and Kindergarten
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Arthur Mays Head Start
Arvida Junior High School
Asbury Christian School
Asbury Christian School
Asbury School
Ascension Child Care Center
Ascension Day Care Center
Ashe Primary School
Aspira Charter School South
Aspira Eugenio Maria De Hostos School
Aspira Youth Leadership School
Atlantic Christian Academy
Atlantic International University
Atlantis Academy
Atlantis Academy
Atlantis Private School
Atlantis School
Attucks High School
Attucks Middle School
Auburndale School
Aurora Academy
Aventura Charter Elementary School
Aventura Montessori School
Avocado Elementary School
Baby and Me School
Bair Middle School
Balere Language Academy
Banyan Day School
Banyan Elementary School
Banyan School
Barbara Goleman Adult School
Barbara Goleman Senior High School
Barrett Hall Preschool
Barrington Academy
Barry University
Barry University South Campus
Baudhuin Oral School Nova University
Bay Harbor Elementary School
Bay Harbor School
Bayview School
Beacon Hill Center
Beacon Hill School
Beacon Hill School
Bel Aire School
Bel-Aire Elementary School
Belafonte Tacolcy Ceenter Preschool
Belafonte Tacolcy Center Preschool
Belen Jesuit Preparatory School
Belen Jesuit School
Benjamin Franklin School
Bennett School
Bennies Day Care and Kindergarten
Bent Tree Elementary School
Berkshire High School
Berkshire Infant Care Center
Berkshire School
Bertha Abess Childrens Center
Bet Breira School
Bet Shira Solomon Schechter Day School
Beth Am Day School
Beth Shalem Day School
Beth Torah School
Beth Torah School
Bethany Christian School
Bethany Community Kindergarten
Bethany Covenant School
Bethany Evangelical Covenant Kindergarten
Bethany Lutheran Kindergarten
Bethel Baptist Christian School
Bethel Temple Kindergarten Day Care Center
Bethune Head Start
Bethune School
Bible Baptist Christian Academy
Bible Baptist Church Day Care Center
Bilingual Cooperative Preschool
Biltmore School
Biscayne Academy
Biscayne College
Biscayne Elementary Head Start
Biscayne Gardens Elementary School
Biscayne Gardens School
Biscayne School
Blake School
Blanton School
Blessed Trinity School
Blue Lake Point Head Start
Blue Lakes Elementary Prime Time School
Blue Lakes Elementary School
Boca Raton Elementary School
Booker T Washington Junior High School
Booker T Washington Senior High
Boulevard Heights Elementary School
Boulevard Private School
Boulevard School
Bowman Foster Ashe Elementary School
Boyd H Anderson High School
Boyd H. Anderson High School
Boystown of Florida
Brandeis Academy
Brentwood Elementary School
Briarcliffe College
Brickell Christian School
Bright School
Brito Miami Private School
Broadmoor School
Broward Christian School
Broward Community College
Broward Community College - Central Campus
Broward Community College - South Campus
Broward Detention Center School
Broward Estates School
Broward Fire Academy
Broward Heights School
Brownsville Junior High School
Bryan Cares Preschool
Buena Vista School
Bunche Park Elementary Head Start
Bunche Park Elementary School
Bunche Park School
Busy Bees Day Care Center
Butterfly Cooperative Preschool
Calusa Elementary School
Calusa Preparatory School
Calvary Baptist Church School
Calvin School
Camelot School
Camelot School
Campbell Drive Elementary Head Start
Campbell Drive Elementary School
Campbell Drive Junior High School
Campbell Drive Middle School
Candy House School
Cantwell Academy
Capulatos Felices Day School
Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies Miami Institute
Caribbean Elementary School
Carlos Albizu University
Carol City Elementary School
Carol City Junior High School
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
Carrousel Day Center
Carver High School
Carver Ranches Center
Castle Hill Elementary School
Castle Hill Elementary School Annex
Centennial Junior High School
Centervilla Kindergarten
Centervilla School
Central Charter School
Central High School
Central Park Elementary School
Central School
Centro Educational Angel E Fuster School
Centro Hispano Catolico
Chaminade High School
Champagnat Catholic School
Champagnat Catholic School of Hialeah
Champagnat Catholic School of Miami
Chandler Academy
Chapel Trail Elementary School
Charles David Wyche Junior School
Charles Drew Elementary Headstart
Charles R Drew Elementary School
Charles R Drew Junior High School
Charles W Flanagan High School
Charter School of Excellence
Children Academy
Children's Academy Number 2
Children's Academy Preschool
Children's Academy Preschool Number 2
Children's Christian School House
Children's Hour Day School
Children's Rainbow Day School
Childrens Center/Baptist Hospital of Miami
Childrens Development Center
Childrens Hour Day School
Childrens House
Childrens Workshop
Christ Crusade Academy
Christ the King Preschool
Christ-Mar Kindergarten
Christ-Mar Private School
Christ-Mar School
Christian Day Care Center
Christian Family Academy
Christina M Eve Elementary School
Christopher Columbus High School
Chur-Lee Educational Day Care Center
Cinderella Day Nursery
Cinderella School
Citrus Grove Junior High School
Citrus Grove Occupational Training Center
Citrus Grove School
City-Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Clara B Knight Development Center
Claude Pepper Elementary School
Clown Around Preschool
Coconout Grove Elementary Head Start
Coconut Grove Christian School
Coconut Grove School
Coconut Palm Elementary School
Coconut Palms Elementary School
Colbert School
College Academy at Broward Community College High S
College of Human Services
Collins Elementary School
Colonial Christian School
Colonial Drive Elementary School
Community High School
Community Outreach Center
Comstock School
Conchita Espanosa Academy
Conchita Espinosa Academy
Concord Christian Academy
Concordia Lutheran Early Childhood Program
Concordia Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten
Congregation Bet Breira Preschool
Continental Academy
Continental Military Institute
Cook Kindergarten
Cooper City Elementary School
Cooper City High School
Cooper Educational Center
Cooper School
COPE North Alternative Education School
Coral Cove Elementary School
Coral Gables Adult School
Coral Gables Elementary School
Coral Gables School
Coral Gables School for Children
Coral Gables Senior High School
Coral Gate Park Preschool
Coral Park Day School and Kindergarten
Coral Park Day School/Kindergarten
Coral Park School
Coral Reef Elementary School
Coral Reef Montessori Academy School
Coral Reef Senior High School
Coral Terrace School
Coral Villa Christian Academy
Coral Way Elementary School
Coral Way School
Corporate Academy North
Corporate Academy South
Corpus Christi School
Corpus Christi School
Country Isles Elementary School
County Line School
Covenant Presbyterian Kindergarten
Cradle Nursery
Creative Learning Center
Crestview School
Croissant Park School
Crowder School
Culmer Place Head Start
Curtis School
Cushman School
Cutler Cove School
Cutler Ridge Christian Academy
Cutler Ridge Elementary School
Cutler Ridge Junior High School
Cutler Ridge United Methodist Kindergarten
Cypress Bay High School
Cypress Elementary School
D D Eisenhower Elementary School
DA Dorsey Educational Center
Dade Christian School
Dade Marine Institute
Dade School
Dance Movements Studio and Preschool
Dania Elementary School
Dante B Fascell Elementary School
Data-Dade Academy Teaching Center
Davie Elementary School
DaVinci Institute
Debbie School
Delphi Academy
Delta Christian Academy
Delta's Kiddie Academy
Design and Architecture Senior High School
Developmental Resource Center Day School
Devon Aire Elementary School
Dillard Elementary School
Dillard High School
Dillard Park Day Care Center
Dimond Memorial School
District Instructional Center 10
District Instructional Center 11
District Instructional Center 12
District Instructional Center 13
District Instructional Center 14
District Instructional Center 15
District Instructional Center 16
District Instructional Center 17
District Instructional Center 18
District Instructional Center 2
District Instructional Center 3
District Instructional Center 4
District Instructional Center 5
District Instructional Center 6
District Instructional Center 8
District Instructional Center 9
District Instructional Center A
District Instructional Center B
District Instructional Center C
District Instructional Center D
District Instructional Center J
District Instructional Center K
District Instructional Center L
District Instructional Center M
District Instructional Center N
District Instructional Center O
Doctor Carlos J Finlay Elementary School
Doctor Edward L Whigham Elementary School
Doctor Gilbert L Porter Primary School
Donalds Day Care
Doral Academy High School
Doral Middle School
Doreens School
Dorothy M Wallace Cope Center
Dorsey Junior High School
Dorsey Skill Center Head Start
Dots Tots School
Douglas Park Preschool
Douglas School
Downtown Adult Center
Downtown Miami Charter School
Dr Michael M Krop Senior High School
Drew Junior High School
Drew School
Driftwood Elementary School
Driftwood Junior High School
Driftwood Nursery School
Du Puis School
Dunbar School
Dupuis Elementary Head Start
Duval Academy
E W F Stirrup Senior Elementary School
Eagle Academy Charter School
Eagle Point Elementary School
Earlene Dorsett Academy
Earlene L Dorsett Academy
Earlene L Dorsett Academy Annex
Earlington Heights School
Early Advantage Kindergarten
Early Beginning Elementary School
Early Childhood Education Center
Early Childhood/Coral Gables Congregational
East Hollywood Private School
Easter Seal Demonstration School
Easter Seal Society School
Eastern Academy
Eastside School
Eaton Day Care Center
Ebenezer Christian Academy
Ebenezer Day Care and Kindergarten
Edgewood School
Edison Park School
Edison Private Kindergarten
Edison Private School - First Campus
Edison Private School - Second Campus
Edison School
Educational Alternative Program
El Salvador School
Elizabeth E Curtis Child Care Center
Embassy Creek Elementary School
Embry Riddle Aeronautical Unversity
Emerson School
Emeth School
Endeavour Primary Learning Center
Eneida Masses Hartner Elementary School
English Center Head Start
Enrichment Center of Miami Lakes
Epiphany School
Episcopal High School
Ernest R Graham Elementary School
Ethel Koger Beckham Elementary School
Eugenia B Thomas Elementary School
Evangelism for Christ Christian Day School
Evans School
Everglades High School
Everglades Junior High School
Everglades School
Everglades School
Exceptional/Student-Off Campus
Fairchild School
Fairglade School
Fairglade School
Fairlawn School
Fairway Elementary School
Fairway School
Fairytales Preschool
Faith Child Development Center
Faith Christian Academy
Faith Lutheran School
Faith Lutheran School
Faith Lutheran School
Falcon Cove Middle School
Family Education and Enrichment Center
Feinberg School
Feinberg-Fisher Head Start
Felix Varela Senior High School
Fern Ridge Day School
Fienberg Fisher Adult School
Filadel Fia Christian School
Filer School
First Assembly Christian Academy
First Baptist of Ojus Child Care
First Baptist Schools
First Deliverance Kindergarten
First Impressions Preschool and Child Care Center
First Infant University
First Presbyterian Church Preschool
First Presbyterian Church School
First United Methodist Christian Day School
First United Methodist Christian School
First United Methodist Day School
Flagami Elementary School
Flagler School
Flamingo Elementary School
Flamingo School
Flanagan High School Annex
Floral Heights Head Start
Floral Heights School
Florida Atlantic University at Davie
Florida Atlantic University Davie Campus Davie Education and Science Building
Florida Atlantic University Davie Campus Davie Liberal Arts
Florida Bible Christian School
Florida Bible Church and School
Florida Career College
Florida Christian Elementary School
Florida Christian School
Florida Christian School
Florida City Christian School
Florida City Elementary School
Florida City Head Start
Florida International Academy
Florida International University - Bay Vista Campus
Florida Language Institute
Florida Memorial College
Florida National College
Florida Oaks School
Floyd School
Forman School
Fort Lauderdale College
Fort Lauderdale High School
Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School
Foster School
Fox Trail Elementary School
Foxmount Preparatory School
Frances S Tucker Elementary School
Francisco Baldor School
Francisco Baldor School
Frank C Martin Elementary School
Frederick Douglas Head Start
Frederick Douglass Elementary School
Freedom Christian Academy
Friendship Cooperative Preschool
Friendship House Cooperative Preschool
Fulford Christian Day Care Center
Fulford School
Full Service School
G Holmes Braddock Adult Center
G Holmes Braddock Senior High School
Gables Academy of Miami
Galaxy Grade School
Galaxy School
Gateway Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten
Gateway Christian Elementary School
Gateway Christian Elementary School
Gator Run Elementary
George T Baker Aviation School
George W Carver Elementary School
George Washington Carver School
Gesu Catholic Church and School
Gettysburg Academy
Gibson Charter School
Gilbert L Porter Elementary School
Gilberts Angels Nursery Day Care Center
Gingerbread House Day Nursery
Glades Junior High School
Glades Middle School
Gladeview Baptist Kindergarten
Gladeview Christian School
Glendale Baptist Preschool Academy
Glenn Neal School
Gloria Floyd Elementary School
Golden Glades School
Golden Slipper School
Good Day School
Good Sheperd School
Good Shepherd Day Care Center
Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool
Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool Center
Gordon Primary School Manatee
Gordon Primary School Panther
Goulds School
Grace Baptist Academy
Grace Brethren Christian School
Grace Lutheran Learning Center
Grace School
Granada Christian
Granada Presbyterian Day School
Grant Center
Grapeland Park Preschool
Grapeland Park Preschool
Gratigny School
Greater Bethel Head Start
Greater Miami Academy
Greater New Bethlehem Kindergarten
Greenglade Elementary School
Greynolds Park School
Griffin Elementary School
Griffins Day Care Nursery School
Growing House School
Gulfstream Elementary Head Start
Gulfstream Elementary School
Gulliver Academy
Gulliver Preparatory School
Gulliver Preparatory School
Gulliver School
Gulliver South Miami Campus
Hadley School
Hall School
Hallandale Adult and Community Center
Hallandale Elementary School
Hallandale High School
Hallandale School
Hamel School for Children
Hammocks Junior High School
Happi Tymes Kindergarten
Happi-Tymes Kindergarten
Happy Day Nursery
Happy Day School
Happy Hammock Cooperative Preschool
Happy House School
Happy Nest Learning Center
Happy Start Child Care and Kindergarten
Happy Start Day Care Center and Kindergarten
Happyland Day School
Harbordale School
Harmony Day School
Hawkes Bluff Elementary School
Hebrew Academy Preschool
Hebrew Day School of Fort Lauderdale
Heed University
Helen D Cohen Preschool of Temple Judea
Henry D Perry Middle School
Henry E S Reeves Elementary School
Henry S West Laboratory Elementary School
Herbert A Ammons Middle School
Heritage School
Heritage School
Hialeah Elementary School
Hialeah First United Methodist School
Hialeah Gardens Academy
Hialeah Gardens Elementary School
Hialeah Gardens Primary School
Hialeah Junior High School
Hialeah Miami Lakes High School
Hialeah Senior High Adult Education Center
Hialeah Senior High School
Hialeah-Miami Lakes Adult School
Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School
Hibiscus School
Highland Oaks Elementary School
Highland Oaks Junior High School
Highland Oaks School
Highpoint Academy
Highpoint Academy
Hillel Community Jewish Day School and High School
Hilltop Montessori School
Hilltop Montessori School
Hilltop School
Holiday House Kindergarten and Nursery
Hollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences
Hollywood Central Elementary School
Hollywood Christian School
Hollywood Free Will Baptist Day School
Hollywood Hills High School
Hollywood Hills Private School
Hollywood Hills School
Hollywood Junior Academy
Hollywood Park Elementary School
Holmes School
Holtz High School
Holy Comforter Episcopal School
Holy Cross Academy
Holy Cross Day Care Center
Holy Cross Lutheran School
Holy Cross School
Holy Family School
Holy Redeemer Head Start
Holy Redeemer School
Home/Hospital Instructional Program
Homestead Air Force Vocational School
Homestead Junior Academy
Homestead Junior High School
Homestead Senior High School
Hope Center
Hope Preschool
Horace Mann Junior High School
Horeb Christian School
Horizon Elementary School
Hortt School
House of Learning
Howard A Doolin Middle School
Howard D McMillian Junior High School
Howard Drive Elementary School
Hubert O Sibley Elementary School
ICA Learning Center of America
Ida M Fisher High School
Iglesias Church and School
Immaculate Conception School
Imperial Point Preparatory School
Indian Ridge Middle School
Indian Trace Elementary School
Individualized Language Academy
Industrial Arts School
Interamerican Christian School - First Campus
Interamerican Christian School - Second Campus
International Fine Arts College
Irving and Beatrice Peskoe Elementary School
Isaac Withers Head Start
Its A Small World Preschool
Ives Dairy Road Christian School
Ives School
J & I Christian Academy 2nd Campus
Jacaranda School
Jack and Jill Elementary School
Jack David Gordon Elementary School
Jackson Junior High School
Jacksons Toddle Inn
James School
Jan Mann Opportunity School
Jane Roberts K-8 Center
Jeanne Zuckerman School
Jeans Kiddie Kollege
Jesus Fellowship Christian School
Jewish High School of South Florida
Jewish High School of South Florida
Joella C Good Elementary School
John F Kennedy Head Start
John F Kennedy Junior High School
John I Smith Elementary School
Johnson and Wales University
Johnson School
Johnsons Toddlers University
Jose Marti School
Jose Marti School 1st Campus
Jose Marti School 2nd Campus
Jose Marti School 3rd Campus
Jre Lee Educational Center
Juanitas Day Care
Just for Kids Academy
Juvenile Justice Center Alternative Education Center
Kelsey L Pharr Elementary School
Kendale Elementary School
Kendale Lakes Elementary School
Kendall Academy
Kendall Acres Academy
Kendall Christian Elementary School
Kendall Christian School
Kendall United Methodist Day School
Kendall United Methodist Day School
Kennedy Junior High School
Kensington Park School
Kensington Primary School
Kenwood Elementary School
Kenwood School
Key Biscayne Community School
Key Biscayne Elementary School
Key Biscayne Presbyterian Preschool
Keys Gate Charter School
Kid's World Preschool
Kiddie Country Club
Kiddie Country Club School
Kiddie Ranch Nursery and Kindergarten
Kiddieland Child Care Center
Kids at Heart Preschool
Kids Day Care and Kindergarten
Killian Montessori School
Killian Oaks Academy
Kinder Care Learning Center
Kinderland Preparatory School
Kings Christian School
Kings Creek Day School
Kings Meadow Day School
Kingswood Montessori School
Kingswood Montessori School
Kinloch Park Elementary School
Kinloch Park Junior High School
Kinloch School
Knobel School
La Divina Providencia Episcopal Church School
La Luz School
La Scala Day Care Center I
Lafayette Private School
Lake Forest School
Lake Steven Elementary School
Lake Steven Junior High School
Lake Stevens Elementary School
Lake Stevens Middle School
Lakeside Elementary School
Lakeview Baptist Kindergarten
Lakeview School
Lamar Louise Curry Middle School
Landmark Learning Center
Landow Preschool
Lanier-James Education Center
Larkdale School
LaSalle High School
Lauderdale Lakes Middle School
Lauderdale Manors School
Lauderhill 6 - 12 School
Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School
Laura C Saunders Elementary School
Lavenia Bilingual School
Lavernia School
Lawton Chiles Middle School
Le Jardin Head Start Number 2
Le Jardin Head Start Number 3
Le Jardin Head Start Number 4
Le Jardin Head Start Number 5
Lear School
Lear School
Learn and Play Preschool
Learning Development Center
Learning Experience School
Learning School
Learning School Number Two
Learning Workshop
Lee School
Lehrman Day School of Temple Emanu-el
Lehrman Day School-Early Childhood Center
Leisure City Elementary School
Leisure City Head Start
Leisure City K-8 Center
Lenora B Smith Elementary School
Leroy D Fienburg Elementary School
Lewis School
Liberty City Charter Project School
Liberty City Elementary Head Start
Liberty City School
Lincoln Center High School
Lincoln Marti Schools
Lincoln Marti Schools
Lincoln Marti Schools
Lincoln Marti Schools
Lincoln Marti Schools
Lincoln Marti Schools
Lincoln-Marti Day Care Center
Lincoln-Marti Nursery School
Lincoln-Marti School
Lincoln-Marti School
Lincoln-Marti School 10th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 11th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 12th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 15th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 16th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 1st Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 2nd Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 3rd Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 4th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 5th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 8th Campus
Lincoln-Marti School 9th Campus
Linda Lentin Elementary School
Linda Ray Head Start
Lindsey Hopkins High School
Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center
Lingles School and Educational Clinic
Little A Academy
Little Bird Kindergarten
Little Bird Kindergarten and Day Care
Little Flower School
Little Havana 2nd Campus
Little People School
Little River Junior High School
Little Schoolhouse
Little Shaver Number 1 Jose Marti School
Little Skipper Preschool and Kindergarten
Little Skippers Preschool/Kindergarten
Little Stars Preschool
Little Sunbeams Child Care Center
Little Village Academy
Little White Schoolhouse
Lloyd Estates Elementary School
Lollipop Cooperative Preschool
Lorah Park Elementary School
Lord of Life Lutheran Preschool
Louis Merwitzer Mesivta High School
Love-N-Care Day Nurseries
Loyola College
Ludlam Elementary School
Lutheran Central School
Lutheran Christian Day School
Lutheran High School of South Florida
Madison Junior High School
Madonna Academy
Manatee Bay Elementary School
Marian Center School
Maritime and Science Technology School
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary School
Mark Flight Memorial School
Marti Junior High School
Martin Luther King Elementary School
Martin School
Martin Technical College
Mary Immaculate Academy
Mary M Bethune Elementary School
Mary Poppins Kindergarten
Mast Academy High School
Mater Academy
Mater Academy Charter High School
Mater Academy Charter Middle School
Mater Academy East Campus
Maya Angelou Elementary School
Mays Junior High School
McArthur High School
McGlannan School and Language Arts Center
McGlannon School
McMillian Junior High School
McNicol Middle School
Meadowbrook School
Meadowlane School
Medical Center Campus Miami-Dade Community College
Melrose School
Merrick School
Merrick Special Education Center
Merritt Junior High School
Merry Poppins Kindergarten
Miami Aerospace Academy
Miami Aerospace Academy
Miami Agricultural School
Miami Beach Adult School
Miami Beach Senior High Head Start
Miami Beach Senior High School
Miami Carol City Adult School
Miami Carol City Senior High School
Miami Central High School
Miami Christian College
Miami Christian School
Miami Coral City High School
Miami Coral Park Adult School
Miami Coral Park Senior High
Miami Country Day School
Miami Dade Community College
Miami Dade Community College Homestead Center
Miami Dade Community College Interamerican Center
Miami Dade Community College Mitchel Wolfson Campus
Miami Dade Community College Preschool
Miami Edison Middle School
Miami Edison Senior High School
Miami Gardens Elementary School
Miami Gardens Infant and Preschool
Miami Heights Elementary School
Miami Heights Head Start
Miami International University of Art and Design
Miami Jackson Adult School
Miami Jackson Senior High School
Miami Killian Senior High School
Miami Lakes Christian Academy
Miami Lakes Congregational Church Preschool
Miami Lakes Educational Center
Miami Lakes Elementary School
Miami Lakes Junior High School
Miami Lakes Technical Education Center
Miami Lakes United Methodist Preschool
Miami MacArthur North High School
Miami Northwestern Adult School
Miami Northwestern Senior High
Miami Number One Day Care/Church of God of Prophecy
Miami Palmetto Adult School
Miami Palmetto Senior High School
Miami Park School
Miami Preparatory School
Miami Private School
Miami Private School
Miami Senior Adult School
Miami Senior High School
Miami Shores Barry University Charter School
Miami Shores Community Church Day Care
Miami Shores Elementary School
Miami Shores Preparation School
Miami Skill Center
Miami Southhridge Adult School
Miami Southridge High School
Miami Southridge Senior High School
Miami Springs Adult School
Miami Springs Baptist Church Kindergarten
Miami Springs Elementary School
Miami Springs Junior High School
Miami Springs Montessori School
Miami Springs Senior High School
Miami Springs Seventh-Day Adventist School
Miami Sunset Adult School
Miami Sunset Senior High School
Miami Technical College
Miami Technical College
Miami Union Academy
Miami-Dade Community College
Miami-Dade Community College - North Campus
Miami-Dade Community College - South Campus
Miami-Dade Community College Preschool Laboratory
Miami-Douglas MacArthur High School
Miami-Douglas MacArthur High School North
Miami-Edison High School
Miami-Norland High School
Michaels Kindergarten
Milan School
Miramar Elementary School
Miramar High School
Miramar School
Mirawood Day School
Mirimar Elementary School
Mirimar High School
Mirror Lake Elementary School
Mize School
Mizell Kiddie Kampus
Mohammed Kindergarten
Monsignor Edward Pace High School
Montessori Childrens Academy
Montessori Childrens House
Montessori Childrens House
Montessori Childrens House of Miami Lakes
Montessori International School
Montessori Learning Center
Montessori Learning Center
Montessori School
Montessori School of Kendall
Montessori School of Kendall
Montessori School of Miami Beach
Morningside School
Moss High School
Mount Olive Lutheran School
Mueller Christian School
Myrtle Grove Elementary School
N K Cooper Special Education Center
Nance School
Nance School
Naranja Elementary School
Nathan B Young Head Start
Nathan Young School
Nativity School
Natural Bridge Head Start
Natural Bridge School
Nautilus Junior High School
Nazarene School
Neva King Cooper Educational Center
New Antioch Moriah Day Care Center
New Beavers Kiddie Kollege
New Bethel Temple Day Care
New Horizons Preschool
New Life Presbyterian Kindergarten/Day Care
New Renaissance Middle School
New River Junior High School
New Testament Church and School
New World School of the Arts
New World School of the Arts
Noahs Ark Christian Child Care Center
Nob Hill Elementary School
Norland Methodist Preschool
Norland Middle School
Norland School
Normandy School
North Beach School
North Carol City School
North COPE Center
North Country Charter School
North County Elementary School
North Dade Center for Modern Language
North Dade Christian School
North Dade Head Start
North Dade Junior High School
North Dade Regional Academy
North Dade Regional Academy
North Dade Regional Academy at Landmark
North Fork School
North Glade School
North Hialeah Baptist Kindergarten
North Hialeah Christian School
North Hialeah School
North Miami Adult School
North Miami Beach Presbyterian Preschool
North Miami Beach Senior High
North Miami Early Childhood School
North Miami Junior High School
North Miami School
North Miami Senior High School
North Shores Child Care Center
North Side School
North Twin Lakes School
Northeast Academy
Northside Christian Day Care
Northwest Christian Academy
Northwestern High School
Norwood Elementary School
Norwood School
Notre Dame Academy
Nova Eisenhower Elementary School
Nova High School
Nova Middle School
Nova Southeastern University
Nova Southeastern University Fischer Center
Nova University
Nowlin Ocean View Private School
Nuestra Senora De Lourdes Nursery School
Oak Grove School
Oakland Park Elementary School
Oakridge School
Ojus Elementary School
Ojus School
Olinda Elementary School
Olinda Head Start
Oliver Hoover Elementary School
Olsen Junior High School
Olympia Heights Elementary School
Olympia Heights United Methodist Day Care
Olympia Heights United Methodist Kindergarten and Day Care Center
Once-Upon-A-Time Elementary School
Opa Locka Head Start
Opa-Locka Elementary School
Opa-Locka School
Orange Brook School
Orchard Villa Headstart
Orchard Villa School
Oriole Elementary School
Our Lady of Charity Private School
Our Lady of Divine Providence School
Our Lady of Fatima Academy
Our Lady of Fatima Nursery School
Our Lady of Lourdes Academy
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School
Our Lady of the Lakes
Our Lady of the Lourdes Academy
Our Lady of the Rosary School
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School
Our Savior Lutheran Preschool
Oxford School
Pace Center for Girls
Pace High School
Packway Junior High School
Paladin Academy
Palm Cove Elementary School
Palm Day School
Palm Lakes Elementary School
Palm Springs Junior High School
Palm Springs North Elementary School
Palm Springs North Primary School
Palm Springs Presbyterian Kindergarten
Palm Springs School
Palmer School
Palmer Trinity School
Palmetto Christian Academy
Palmetto Community Covenant Preschool
Palmetto Community Covenant Preschool
Palmetto Elementary School
Palmetto Junior High School
Palmetto Presbyterian Preschool
Palmetto Senior High School
Pan American Institute
Pan American Institute
Panther Run Elementary School
Panther Run Elementary School
Paradise Christian School
Paradise Christian School
Park Lakes Elementary School
Parkview Elementary School
Parkway Baptist Wee Care Center
Parkway Elementary School
Parkway Junior High School
Parkway School
Parkway School
Pasadena Lake Elementary School
Pathway Christian School
Patricias Center for Learning
Paul W Bell Middle School
Peace Christian School
Pelican School
Pembroke Christian Academy
Pembroke Lakes Academy
Pembroke Lakes Elementary School
Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School
Pembroke Pines Elementary Charter School East
Pembroke Pines Elementary Charter School West
Pembroke Pines Elementary School
Pembroke Road School
Perrine Baptist Academy
Perrine Elementary School
Perrine Head Start
Perrine Seventh Day Adventist School
Perry School
Peters School
Peterson Tots Kindergarten
Pharr School
Philosophical and Spiritual University
Phyllis Ruth Miller Elementary School
Pine Crest Prep School
Pine Crest School
Pine Lake Elementary School
Pine Lakes Elementary School
Pine Ridge School
Pine Villa Elementary School
Pinecrest Preparatory Academy
Pinecrest Presbyterian Day School
Pinelands Christian School
Pines Lakes Elementary School
Pines Middle School
Pinewood Acres School
Pioneer Middle School
Piper High School
Plantation Christian Academy
Plantation Early Childhood School
Plantation Elementary School
Plantation High School
Plantation Methodist School
Plantation Middle School
Plantation Park Elementary School
Playhouse and Biltmore School
Plymouth Preschool of Plymouth Congregational Church
Plymouth Preschool of Plymouth Congregational Church
Poinciana Park School
Ponce de Leon Junior High School
Pooh and Friends Preschool
Popiel School
Porte-Bonheur Academie
Pratts Kindergarten
Primary Learning Center B
Primary Learning Center C
Primary Learning Center I
Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Princeton Christian School
Princeton Preschool
Progressive Day Care
Prospect Hall College
Providence Hope Evangelical Ministry School
R R Moton Elementary School
Rader Kindergarten
Rader School
Rainbow Christian School
Rainbow Park School
Rainbow Preparatory School
Ransom Everglades Middle School
Ransom Everglades School
Ransom Everglades School
Rebecca M Berhow Academy
Redland Christian Academy
Redland Christian Academy
Redland Junior High School
Redland School
Redondo Elementary School
REM Learning Center
Revelation Christian Academy
Richmond Elementary School
Richmond Heights Junior High School
Riveria Junior High School
Riverland School
Riverside Child Development Center
Riverside Military Academy
Riverside School
Riverwood South Youth Elementary School
Riviera Day School
Robert E Lee Middle School
Robert Graham Education Center
Robert King High Preschool
Robert Morgan Vocational Technical Institute
Robert Renick Education Center
Roblanca Academy
Rock Island Elementary School
Rock Island Elementary School
Rockway Elementary School
Rockway Junior High School
Rogers Junior High School
Rosa Parks Community School
Rosa Parks Community School-Florida City
Rosa Parks Community School-Overton
Rosenblatt School
Rosenblum Synagogue School
Royal Green Elementary School
Royal Palm Elementary School
Royal Palm Elementary School
Ruben Dario Middle School
Ruth Owens Kruse Education Center
Ryder System Charter School
Sabal Palm Elementary School
Sabal Palm School
Sacred Heart School
Saint Agatha School
Saint Agatha School
Saint Agnes Academy
Saint Agnes Church and School
Saint Albans Day Nursery - Main Branch
Saint Albans Day Nursery - Second Campus
Saint Ambrose Episcopal School
Saint Anthony Catholic School
Saint Bartholomew School
Saint Bernadette School
Saint Brendan High School
Saint Brendan School
Saint Christophers by the Sea Montessori School
Saint Clements School
Saint David Catholic School
Saint Faith's Episcopal Day School
Saint Faiths Episcopal School
Saint Francis Xavier School
Saint Gregory School
Saint Helen School
Saint Holmes School
Saint Hugh Church and School
Saint Hugh School
Saint James Catholic School
Saint James Day Care
Saint James School
Saint Jeromes School
Saint John Boscos Kindergarten
Saint John Neumann Elementary School
Saint John Neumann School
Saint John the Apostle School
Saint John Vianney College Seminary
Saint John's Episcopal School
Saint Johns School
Saint Johns School
Saint Josephs School
Saint Kevin Catholic School
Saint Kevin School
Saint Lawrence School
Saint Lazarus Nursery/Kindergarten School
Saint Louis Covenant School
Saint Luke Christian School
Saint Luke Kindergarten
Saint Margarets Preschool
Saint Marks School
Saint Mary's Cathedral School
Saint Marys School
Saint Matthew's Cooperative Preschool
Saint Matthew's Lutheran School
Saint Michael the Archangel School
Saint Michael's Preschool
Saint Michaels School
Saint Monica School
Saint Patrick's Preschool
Saint Patricks School
Saint Paul Lutheran Preschool
Saint Paul Lutheran Preschool
Saint Philips Episcopal School
Saint Phillips Guardian Angel Day Care
Saint Rosa of Lima School
Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
Saint Stephens School
Saint Stephens School
Saint Theresa Catholic School
Saint Theresa School
Saint Thomas Academy
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
Saint Thomas Episcopal Parish School
Saint Thomas the Apostle School
Saint Thomas University
Saint Thomas University Bobcat Center
Saint Thomas University Carnival Cruise Lines Science and Technology Building
Saint Thomas University Carroll Hall
Saint Thomas University Cascia Hall
Saint Thomas University Chikee Hut
Saint Thomas University Convocation Hall
Saint Thomas University Donnellon Hall
Saint Thomas University Glass House
Saint Thomas University Institute for Work Force Enhancement
Saint Thomas University Kennedy Hall
Saint Thomas University Law School
Saint Thomas University Law School Annex
Saint Thomas University Lewis Hall
Saint Thomas University O'Mailia Hall
Saint Thomas University South Dade Center
Saint Thomas University Student Center
Saint Thomas University Sullivan Hall
Saint Thomas University Villanuva Center
Saint Timothy Lutheran Church Preschool
Saint Timothy School
Saint Timothy School
Saints Peter
Saints Peter and Paul School
Samll Fry School
Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School
Sandor Wiener School-Opportunity School
Sandpiper Elementary School
Sands Small World School
Santa Clara School
Sarshalom Hebrew Academy
Sawgrass Elementary School
School for Advanced Studies North
School for Advanced Studies South
School for Applied Technology
School House
School House Preschool
School of Choice
Scott Lake School
Sea Castle Elementary School
Seagull School
Second Baptist Church Day Care Center
Second Presbyterian Church School
Selah Christian Academy
Seminole Middle School
Seminole School
Seven Dwarfs Nursery School
Seventh-Day Adventist Christian School
Seventy-ninth Street Baptist Kindergarten
Shadowlawn School
Shady Acres School
Shady Oak School
Shalom Christian School
Sharon Christian Academy
Shenandoah Junior High School
Shenandoah School
Shepherd School
Sheppard Primary School
Sheppard School
Sheridan Hills Christian School
Sheridan Hills Elementary School
Sheridan Park Elementary School
Sheridan Vocational Center
Shining Hours Academy
Shores Academy for the Gifted
Shores School
Shores School
Siegler School
Sierra Norwood Child Development Center
Silver Bluff School
Silver Lakes Elementary School
Silver Lakes Elementary School
Silver Palm School
Silver Palms Elementary School
Silver Ridge Elementary School
Silver Shores Elementary School
Silver Trail Middle School
Silvia's School
Silvias School
Simons Kiddie Kastle Christian Day Care
Sinai Academy
Sister Clara Muhammad School
Skyway Elementary Head Start
Skyway Elementary School
Small Fry Day Care - Fourth Campus
Small Fry Day Care Center - Fifth Campus
Small Fry Educational Day Care - Third Campus
Small Fry Educational Day Care School
Small Fry School - First Campus
Small Fry School - Second Campus
Small People Academy
Smart School Charter Middle School
Snapper Creek Elementary School
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs School
Solomon Schecter Day School of North Dade
Somerset Academy
Somerset Academy Charter High School
Somerset Academy Charter High School
Somerset Academy Charter Middle School
Somerset Academy Davie Charter School
Somerset Academy Middle School
Somerset Neighborhood School
South Area Alternative Center
South Area Alternative School
South Broward Cradle Nursery
South Broward High School
South COPE Center
South Dade Adult School
South Dade High School
South Dade School
South Dade Skill Center
South Day Care and Kindergarten
South Hialeah Elementary Head Start
South Hialeah School
South Miami Elementary School
South Miami Head Start
South Miami Heights Elementary School
South Miami Heights Preschool
South Miami Junior High School
South Miami Lutheran Preschool
South Miami Lutheran School
South Miami Senior High School
South Plantation High School
South Pointe Elementary School
Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine
Southpointe Elementary Head Start
Southside Elementary School
Southside School
Southside School
Southwest Country Day School
Southwest Miami Adult School
Southwest Miami Senior High School
Southwood Junior High School
Sparks Kindergarten and Day Care
Spiral Tech Elementary Charter School
Spiral Tech Preschool
Springview School
Star Bright Preschool
Star Bright Preschool and Kindergarten
Stirling School
Stranahan School
Summit Private School
Sunflowers Academy
Sungate Academy
Suniland Academy
Sunland Park Elementary School
Sunny Day School
Sunrise Junior High School
Sunrise Presbyterian Church Preschool
Sunrise School
Sunset Christian Academy
Sunset Heights Baptist School
Sunset Lakes Elementary School
Sunset Montessori School
Sunset Montessori School
Sunset Park Elementary School
Sunset Preparatory School
Sunset School
Sunset School
Sunshine Cooperative Preschool
Sunshine Day Care Center
Sunshine School
Sunshine South Cooperative Preschool
Sweetwater School
Sylvania Heights School
Talmudic University
Tamiami Baptist Child Care
Tamiami United Methodist Church Elementary School
Tauber School at Aventura
Teacher Education Center
Temple Beth Am Day School
Temple Beth Moshe Preschool
Temple Beth Moshe School
Temple Beth Sholom School
Temple Judea
Temple Judea Nursery School
Temple Koi Ami Preschool
Temple Menorah Preschool
Temple Samu-el Early Childhood Educational Program
Temple Samu-el or Okom School
Temple Samuel Or Olom Preschool
Temple Sinai Preschool
Tender Care Learning Center
Tender Loving Care Preschool II
Tequesta Trace Middle School
Terrys Day Nursery
The Early Education Preschool
The Eddie's B and M Kiddie World Center
The English Center
The Enrichment Center
The French American School of Miami Day Care Center
The Glory of God Christian School
The Hamel School for Children
The Homestead Nursery School
The Learning Tree Day Care Preschool
The Learning Tree Preschool
The Little Disciples Preschool
The Little Sailors School
The Mater Center School Incorporated
The Playhouse and Biltmore School
The Quest
Thena Crowler Elementary School
Thomas Jefferson Junior High School
Thomas Junior High School
Thomas Tot Kindergarten and Nursery
Thomas Tots Kindergarten
Three Cs Nursery
Three Cs Preschool
Three Flags Academy
Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
Tiny Tots Day Nursery and Kindergarten
Toras Emes Academy of Miami
Toras Emes Academy of Miami - First Campus
Tots for Christ School
Tots Town University Child Care Center
Toussaint L'Ouverture Elementary School
Town Center Pre - School
Towngate Elementary School
Trail to the World Day Care Nursery
Treasure Island Elementary Head Start
Treasure Island School
Tri Preschool
Trinity Christian Academy
Trinity Christian Academy
Trinity Episcopal School
Trinity International University
Trinity Presbyterian School
Tropical Christian School
Tropical Elementary School
Tropical School
Troywood Learning Environment
Turner's Kindergarten
Turners Kindergarten
Twin Lakes Elementary School
Uleta Park Community School
UM/Canterbury Child Care Center
Unification Academy for Learning West
Unification Academy of Learning 1st Campus
United Lakes Methodist Preschool
United Methodist-Canterbury Preschool
Universal Academy
University Christian Academy
University of Florida Field Laboratory
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami Coral Gables
University of Miami Marine Campus
University of Miami Medical Campus
University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center
Val-Don Day Care Center
Vanguard School
Vanguard School of Coconut Grove
Vankara School
Vankara School
Vankara: A Learning Exchange Preschool
Vann Academy
Vann Academy
Vann Academy
Vann Academy II
Victory Homes Head Start
Village Elementary School
Village Green Christian School
Village Green Elementary School
Village Pines School
Vineland Elementary School
Virginia A Boone-Highland Oaks School
Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School
Visitation School
Vocational, Technical and Adult Education Off Campus
Von Wedel Gardiner School
Von Wedel Montessori School
Von Wedel-Gardiner School
W C Young Elementary School
W R Thomas Junior High School
Wagner Montessori School
Walker School
Walter C Young Middle School
Walters School
Ward Stone College
Watch Me Grow Learning Center
Watkins School
Wayside Baptist Preschool
Wee Care of Plantation Learning Center
Wee Lads and Lassies Preschool
Welleby Elementary School
Wesley Matthews Elementary School
West End Park Preschool
West Flagler Day Care
West Hialeah Baptist Church Kindergarten
West Hialeah Baptist Kindergarten
West Hollywood Private School
West Hollywood School
West Homestead Elementary School
West Little River School
West Miami Junior High School
Western High School
Western High School 10th Grade Annex
Western High School 9th Grade Annex
Westminster Christian School
Westminster Christian School
Westside Baptist Church School
Westside School
Westview Christian School
Westview Elementary Head Start
Westview Junior High School
Westview School
Westwood Christian Day School Elementary
Westwood Christian Day School Secondary
Westwood Christian School
Westwood Christian School
Westwood Heights School
Wheatley School
Whiddon-Rogers Education Center
Whiddon-Rogers Education Center Annex
Whispering Pines Elementary School
William A Chapman Elementary School
William A Kirlew Junior Academy
William Dandy Middle School
William H Turner Adult School
William H Turner Technical School
William Jennings Bryan School
William Lehman Elementary School
William T McFatter Technical Center and Technical High School
Williams Day Care and Kindergarten
Williams Private School
Wilton Manors Elementary School
Windgate Oaks Center
Winhold Montessori School
Winhold Montessori School
Winston Park Elementary School
Work and Play Day Care Center
Yahweh Education Center
Yale Preschool
Yale School
Yeshiva Toras Chaim
Yolandas Garden School
Young Years Day Care
Youth Cooperative Charter School
Youth Crusade Child Care
YWCA Child Care Center
Zora Neale Hurston Elementary School
Zuckerman School

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