Places near Freemont Church

Nearby Places
Freemont School (0.1 miles)

Freemont (0.6 miles)

Long School (0.7 miles)

Ebenezer Church (1.0 miles)

Saint Johns Church (1.0 miles)

Mertle Hill Church (1.0 miles)

Longs (1.0 miles)

Longs Post Office (1.0 miles)

Leon Church (1.0 miles)

Ebenezer School (1.1 miles)

Chestnut Crossroads (1.1 miles)

Big Branch Bridge (1.3 miles)

Bellamy Cemetery (1.5 miles)

Little Town (1.8 miles)

Freemont Church is a church in the Myrtle Beach Area.

Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Chestnut Crossroads (1.1 miles), Freemont (0.6 miles), Little Town (1.8 miles), Longs (1.0 miles), and Worthams Ferry (4.7 miles). Seacoast Medical Center Ambulatory Surgery is a nearby hospital and is 7.0 miles from Freemont Church. Freemont School, Long School, Ebenezer School, Bear Bay School, and North Myrtle Beach Elementary School are schools nearby. Nearby buildings include Atlantic Coast Medical Transport, Summit Place of North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach City Hall, J Bryan Floyd Community Center, and Atlantic Beach Town Hall. Sea Hawk Memorial Stadium is 16.6 miles from Freemont Church. Grand Strand Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 8.8 miles away from Freemont Church.

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