Places near Chartiers Elementary School

Chartiers Elementary School is a school in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area.

Heinz Field is approximately 3.2 miles from Chartiers Elementary School. Not far from: Corliss (0.6 miles), Elliott (1.0 miles), Ingram (0.9 miles), McKees Rocks (0.8 miles), and Sheraden (0.2 miles). Fairywood School, Miles Byran Junior High School, Saint Marys School, Crafton Elementary School, and Sheraden Elementary School are the schools closest. Ohio Valley General Hospital is just 1.3 miles from Chartiers Elementary School. Nearby buildings: Duffs Station, Duffs-Scully Junction Station, Mormon Missionaries Home, Ingram Borough Hall, and Cheryls Day Care Center. Aspinwall Airport provides air service in the region and is 9.3 miles away from Chartiers Elementary School.

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