Places near Peters Township High School

Peters Township High School is a school in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area.

Nearby buildings: Peters Township Hall, Justabout Kids, Kinder Care Learning Center, Montessori Early Childhood Center, and Tri - Community South Emergency Medical Services. Nearby communities include Bryn Mawr (1.6 miles), Edgebrook (1.8 miles), Library Junction (1.5 miles), McMurray (0.3 miles), and Thompsonville (1.5 miles). Southwood Psychiatric Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 3.2 miles from Peters Township High School. Heinz Field is 11.9 miles from Peters Township High School. Elm Grove School, Boyce Elementary School, Saint Louise de Marillac Church School, Saint Louise De Marillac School, and Johnson School are schools nearby. Oakdale AHP is 8.4 miles away from Peters Township High School.

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