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Kingdom Preparatory Academy is a school in the Richmond Area.

Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Capitol View (1.5 miles), Fort Lee (2.0 miles), Varina Meadows (1.9 miles), Whitlock Estates (2.0 miles), and Williamson Farms (0.7 miles). Richmond Community Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 5.0 miles from Kingdom Preparatory Academy. University Stadium is approximately 8.4 miles from Kingdom Preparatory Academy. George F Baker Elementary School, John Rolfe Middle School, Baker Elementary School, Varina High School, and East End Christian Academy are the schools nearest. Hanover Air Park is 15.0 miles away from Kingdom Preparatory Academy. Nearby buildings include Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad, Good Neighbor Village Assisted Living Facility, Masonic Home, Luther Libby Home, and Virginia State Police Division 1 Area 8 Office.

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