Places near Benjamin

Benjamin is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Mountain View Hospital is the nearest hospital, 3.9 miles from Benjamin. Not far from Brigham Young University Emergency Medical Services, Orem City Department of Public Safety, Utah Highway Patrol Section 6 Orem Office, Chief Lime Plant, and Camp Williams Utah Army National Guard. Lavell Edwards Stadium is just 11.7 miles from Benjamin. Central School, Barnett School, Peteetneet School, Spanish Fork High School, and Taylor School are the schools closest. Nearby communities include Lake Shore (1.6 miles), Leland (2.2 miles), Lewis (1.7 miles), Palmyra (3.4 miles), and Payson (3.7 miles). Lehi Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 22.4 miles away from Benjamin.

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