Places near Burkes Addition

Nearby Places
Patterson Addition Magna (0.1 miles)

Magna Community Church (0.2 miles)

Highland (0.2 miles)

Hill Gate (0.2 miles)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (0.2 miles)

Merton Park (0.2 miles)

Magna Manors (0.3 miles)

Browns Townsite (0.3 miles)

Magna Addition (0.3 miles)

Garden Lot Addition (0.3 miles)

Spencers Annex (0.3 miles)

Cyprus High School (0.3 miles)

Chambers Park (0.3 miles)

Copper Cove (0.3 miles)

Burkes Addition is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Some cities and towns nearby are Highland (0.2 miles), Hill Gate (0.2 miles), Magna Manors (0.3 miles), Merton Park (0.2 miles), and Patterson Addition Magna (0.1 miles). Not far from Utah Highway Patrol Headquarters, United States Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry Salt Lake, Salt Lake International Airport Police, E J Garn Aviation Complex, and Utah Highway Patrol Salt Lake Community College. Cyprus High School, Magna School, Brockbank Junior High School, Webster School, and Pleasant Green Elementary School are the schools nearest. Jordan Valley Medical Center West Valley Campus is just 5.9 miles from Burkes Addition. Rice-Eccles Stadium is 13.8 miles from Burkes Addition. Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Municipal 2 Airport provides air service in the region and is 8.3 miles away from Burkes Addition.