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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (0.0 miles)

Riverdale School (0.1 miles)

Riverdale Park (0.1 miles)

Interchange 343 (0.2 miles)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (0.2 miles)

Barton-Thompson (0.2 miles)

Wen Dale Park (0.2 miles)

Diamond Hills (0.3 miles)

Barton (0.3 miles)

Ogden Heights (0.3 miles)

Peterson (0.3 miles)

Apple Park (0.4 miles)

Riverdale Industrial Park (0.5 miles)

Turf park (0.5 miles)

Colonial Gardens Condominium is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Riverdale School, Sand Ridge Junior High School, North Park School, Lakeview School, and Roy High School are the schools closest. Not far from: Cozydale (1.0 miles), Herefordshire Condominium (0.8 miles), Northpoint Condominium (0.9 miles), Peterson (0.3 miles), and Riverdale (0.5 miles). Hertiage Park Care Center is a nearby hospital and is 2.4 miles from Colonial Gardens Condominium. Stewart Stadium is just 3.7 miles from Colonial Gardens Condominium. Nearby buildings: The Family Center at Riverdale, Federal Building, McKay Dee Hospital Lifeflight, Lindquist Alumni Center, and United States Marshals Service Utah District Office Ogden. Hill Air Force Base is 4.5 miles away from Colonial Gardens Condominium.

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