Places near East Canyon State Park

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East Canyon Campground (0.6 miles)

Taylor Hollow (0.7 miles)

Dixie Hollow (0.9 miles)

Saddle Rock (0.9 miles)

Spring Hollow (1.0 miles)

East Canyon Dam (1.1 miles)

Cottonwood Canyon (1.3 miles)

Rocky Canyon (1.5 miles)

Tucson Hollow (1.5 miles)

Deer Fly Hollow (1.5 miles)

Dip Hollow (1.8 miles)

Rabbit Hollow (1.9 miles)

Left Fork Beaver Canyon (2.1 miles)

Right Fork Beaver Canyon (2.1 miles)

East Canyon State Park is a park in the Salt Lake City Area.

Not far from: Mountain Dell Park (8.3 miles), Porterville (6.9 miles), Richville (8.8 miles), The Groves (9.1 miles), and Whites Crossing (4.5 miles). Morgan School, Morgan High School, Morgan Middle School, North Summit Middle School, and North Summit School are the schools nearest. Utah Softball Stadium is 15.9 miles from East Canyon State Park. Some nearby buildings are Silver Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Summit County Justice Center, Summit County Jail, E E Jones Medical Science Building, and Ezekiel R and Edna Dumke Building. Lakeview Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 14.4 miles from East Canyon State Park. Hoytsville Airport is 11.6 miles away from East Canyon State Park.

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