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Elim Lutheran Church is a church in the Salt Lake City Area.

Saint Benedict Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 1.6 miles from Elim Lutheran Church. McKay-Dee Hospital Center Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 1.0 miles away from Elim Lutheran Church. Closest buildings include Intermountain Experimental Station (0.4 miles), United States Marshals Service Utah District Office Ogden (0.4 miles), Federal Building (0.6 miles), Utah Highway Patrol Section 2 Ogden Office (2.0 miles), McCay Education Building (2.4 miles), is the closest major intersection and is Ben Lomond Suites Condominiums (0.4 miles), Bristol Mansion Condominium (0.8 miles), Executive House Condominiums (0.4 miles), Pepperwood Condominium (0.4 miles), Weber Club A Condominium (0.7 miles), Weber College (0.2 miles), Dee Elementary School (0.2 miles), Madison School (0.3 miles), Central Middle School (0.4 miles), Grant School (0.4 miles), are the schools nearest to Elim Lutheran Church. Stewart Stadium is 2.6 miles from Elim Lutheran Church.

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