Places near Fox Hills Elementary School

Fox Hills Elementary School is a school in the Salt Lake City Area.

Rice-Eccles Stadium is just 10.7 miles from Fox Hills Elementary School. Nearby buildings: E J Garn Aviation Complex (2.2 miles), Utah Highway Patrol Headquarters (2.5 miles), Utah Highway Patrol Salt Lake Community College (3.0 miles), Utah Highway Patrol Section 4 Murray Office (4.2 miles), Copper Hills Youth Center (4.5 miles), Wasatch Canyons Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 2.4 miles from Fox Hills Elementary School. is only Fox Hills (0.1 miles), Horizon (0.2 miles), Misty Hills Numbers 8-10 (0.5 miles), Skyview (0.4 miles), Westwood (0.5 miles), Interchange 13 is the closest major intersection and is 2.2 miles away. Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Municipal 2 Airport is 1.6 miles away from Fox Hills Elementary School. Fox Hills Elementary School (0.1 miles), Westbrook Elementary School (0.5 miles), Tilleytime Child Development Center (0.6 miles), South Kearns Elementary School (1.1 miles), Bennion Elementary School (1.1 miles), are the schools nearest to Fox Hills Elementary School.

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