Places near Highland Baptist Church

Highland Baptist Church is a church in the Salt Lake City Area.

Highland High School, Rosslyn Heights School, Garfield School, Montessori Child Discovery Center, and Wasatch Presbyterian Church Preschool are the schools nearest. Some nearby buildings are Hoffman House, Coyner House, Peterson House, Duddy Duplex, and Dolores Dore Eccles Ceramic Center. Rice-Eccles Stadium is 2.4 miles from Highland Baptist Church. Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Forest Dale (1.2 miles), Sugar House (1.2 miles), Wood Hollow Condo (1.0 miles), Yuma View (1.1 miles), and Zions Park (1.2 miles). Olympus View Hospital is the nearest hospital, 2.1 miles from Highland Baptist Church. Sky Park Airport is 10.9 miles away from Highland Baptist Church.

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