Places near Summerwood

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Summerwood is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Wasatch Canyons Hospital is just 1.2 miles from Summerwood. Calvin S Smith Elementary School, Bennion Junior High School, Jordan Ridge School, Bennion Elementary School, and Bennion Elementary School are the schools closest. Rice-Eccles Stadium is 10.2 miles from Summerwood. Salt Lake City International Airport is 10.6 miles away from Summerwood. Not far from: Bennion Park (0.3 miles), Happy Valley (0.3 miles), Mount Vista (0.4 miles), Steadman Estates - Numbers 2-5 (0.2 miles), and Windwood Estates (0.3 miles). Nearby buildings: Utah Highway Patrol Headquarters, Utah Highway Patrol Salt Lake Community College, Utah Highway Patrol Section 4 Murray Office, E J Garn Aviation Complex, and Highland Ridge Hospital.