Places near The Courtyard Condominium

The Courtyard Condominium is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Bountiful (0.3 miles), Bountiful Gardens Apartment Homes (0.3 miles), Lakeview Condominiums of Bountiful (0.2 miles), Peach Tree Condominium (0.3 miles), and Phipps Condominium (0.1 miles). University of Utah at Bountiful, Bountiful Junior High School, Meadowbrook School, Stoker School, and Washington Elementary School are the closest schools. South Davis Community Hospital is the nearest hospital, 0.9 miles from The Courtyard Condominium. Not far from Chevron Salt Lake Refinery Emergency Medical Services, Davis County Jail, Utah Highway Patrol Section 3 Farmington Office, Utah State Capitol, and Utah State Capitol. Utah Softball Stadium is approximately 8.8 miles from The Courtyard Condominium. Sky Park Airport is approximately 2.7 miles away from The Courtyard Condominium.