Places near Zion Summit Condominium

Zion Summit Condominium is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Rice-Eccles Stadium is about 2.4 miles from Zion Summit Condominium. Sky Park Airport is 6.8 miles away from Zion Summit Condominium. Not far from: Hillside Townhouse Condominium (0.2 miles), Kimball Condominium (0.1 miles), Tara Condominium (0.1 miles), The Villa Granade Condominium (0.1 miles), and Trevi Towers Condominium (0.1 miles). Salt Lake Intermediate School, West High School, Washington Elementary School, Rowland Hall School, and Saint Marks School are schools nearby. LDS Hospital is approximately 0.7 miles from Zion Summit Condominium. Some nearby buildings are McCune Mansion, Utah State Capitol, Utah State Capitol, Salt Palace Convention Center, and United States Secret Service Salt Lake City.

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