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Gulf Gate Estates is a populated place in the Central Gulf Coast of Florida.

Sarasota / Bradenton International Airport is 10.2 miles away from Gulf Gate Estates. LECOM Park is approximately 16.6 miles from Gulf Gate Estates. Conveniently located neighborhoods nearby include Point ORocks (1.3 miles), Siesta Key (1.2 miles), Siesta Key (2.2 miles), Vamo (2.3 miles), and White Beach (1.1 miles). Gulf Gate School, Riverview Junior High School, Phillippi Shores School, Sarasota County Technical Institute, and Sarasota County Student Center are schools nearby. Nearby buildings include Intensive Air, Bayside Center for Behavioral Health, Sarasota Emergency Management Office, Sarasota County Criminal Court, and Federal Bureau of Investigation - Sarasota Resident Agency. Sarasota Palms Hospital is just 4.0 miles from Gulf Gate Estates.

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