Places near Manatee Community College

Manatee Community College is a school in the Central Gulf Coast of Florida.

LECOM Park is 3.5 miles from Manatee Community College. Manatee Palms Youth Services Hospital is just 1.8 miles from Manatee Community College. Gator Creek Airport is approximately 17.7 miles away from Manatee Community College. Nearby buildings: Manatee County Emergency Medical Services, West Coast - Southern Medical Services Headquarters, Manatee County Circuit Court - Criminal Divison, Florida Highway Patrol Troop F, and Ambitrans Medical Transport. Not far from: Bayshore Gardens (1.1 miles), Cedar Hammock (1.9 miles), South Bradenton (1.7 miles), Trailer Estates (1.4 miles), and Whitfield Estates (2.6 miles). Manatee Area Vocational and Technical Center, Bayshore Junior High School, Bayshore School, Center for Education Montessori School, and West Coast Junior Academy are schools nearby.

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