Places near Adams Park

Adams Park is a park in the Chicago Metro Area.

Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center is just 0.7 miles from Adams Park. Some cities and towns nearby are Calumet (3.0 miles), Grant Village (4.2 miles), South Chicago (2.6 miles), Stony Island (2.7 miles), and The Cottage (4.6 miles). Soldier Field is just 7.3 miles from Adams Park. Nearby buildings include New Regal Theatre, Saint Columbanus Church Social Center, Saint Columbanus Rectory, East Seventyfirst Street Building, and Allan Miller House. Lansing Municipal Airport is one of the airports in the region and is 15.3 miles away from Adams Park. Cornell School, Harriet C Harris Private School, Hirsch Metropolitan High School, Tanksons Martial Arts Academy, and Saint Francis School are the schools closest.

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