Places near Draper Commercial Parkway

Draper Commercial Parkway is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Number 18 Airport provides air service in the region and is 7.9 miles away from Draper Commercial Parkway. Nearby communities include Burningham Industrial (0.2 miles), Draper (1.3 miles), Draperville (1.2 miles), Riverton Siding (1.0 miles), and Willowbrook Estates (1.8 miles). Not far from Lone Peak Emergency Center, Genesis Youth Center, Utah State Prison, Riverton Community Center, and South Jordan Police Offices. Alta View Hospital is approximately 4.3 miles from Draper Commercial Parkway. Rice-Eccles Stadium is about 16.7 miles from Draper Commercial Parkway. Saint John the Baptist School, Draper School, Sprucewood Elementary School, Crescent View Middle School, and Crescent School are the schools nearest.

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