Places near Green Meadows Estates

Nearby Places

Green Meadows Estates is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Rice-Eccles Stadium is about 12.7 miles from Green Meadows Estates. Number 18 Airport is 10.6 miles away from Green Meadows Estates. Some nearby buildings are Salt Lake International Airport Police, United States Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry Salt Lake, Utah Highway Patrol Headquarters, Utah Highway Patrol Salt Lake Community College, and Bureau of Land Management State Office. Located not far from Breeze Estates (0.6 miles), Cockerills Addition (0.3 miles), Den-Mar (0.6 miles), Den-Mar Condominium (0.6 miles), and Shadow Run Estates (0.7 miles). Pleasant Green School, Pleasant Green Elementary School, Brockbank Junior High School, Magna School, and Cyprus High School are the closest schools. Jordan Valley Medical Center West Valley Campus is just 5.0 miles from Green Meadows Estates.