Places near Sherwood Hills

Sherwood Hills is a populated place in the Salt Lake City Area.

Located not far from Adventure Condominium (0.2 miles), Avondale Condo (0.1 miles), Canyon View Condo (0.1 miles), Honeywood Hills (0.2 miles), and Sherwood Hills Condo (0.1 miles). HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital is a nearby hospital and is 3.2 miles from Sherwood Hills. Rice-Eccles Stadium is 10.7 miles from Sherwood Hills. Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Municipal 2 Airport is about 10.5 miles away from Sherwood Hills. Nearby buildings include Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, Woodland Hills School, Village Professional Building Condominium, Classics Condominium, and Center for Womens Health. Canyon View School, Little Village Preschool, Butler Middle School, Cottonwood Heights School, and Butler School are schools nearby.

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